Polls proven to be unreliable

To the editor:

In Mr. Will Thomas’ Jan. 5 letter to the editor, he wrote, “Poll after poll shows the majority of Americans do not favor a wall.”

The fact that Donald Trump was elected president proves that all polls related to our president are unreliable at best. No poll anywhere gave the brash and politically incorrect businessman any chance of ever becoming our 45th president. I’m sure Mr. Thomas understands that those of us that supported, and still support Donald Trump, don’t put much credence in polls.

The undeniable fact is that 62 million Americans voted for Donald Trump and that he was fairly elected as our president. He ran on a simple platform of clear pledges to the America people. Building a wall to secure our southern border was his preeminent promise to the American people.

Everyone, even those infected with terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome, knows that he has already fulfilled many of his campaign promises to the American people. There is no need to list his many “wins” here. Even those that disagree with, or even hate Donald Trump, know of his accomplishments during his first two years in office, but sadly will never acknowledge them.

Americans have become used to a candidate for political office making big campaign promises. What we are not used to is a candidate being elected who systematically does all he can to fulfill his promises.

By now, no one should be surprised that President Trump is going to do his very best to “win” by keeping his promise to Americans about securing our southern border and building a border wall.

John Coulter