Playing hardball on vehicle emissions

Republicans in the Minnesota Senate have decided to play hardball on the issue of auto emission standards in the state. Hardball is the only game available to them, ...

Cumulative COVID numbers misleading

To the editor: Please so your homework and check on the Minnesota Department of Health to get the latest figures and maybe instead of “cumulative” totals ...

Dahms rejects debate

To the editor: This week, the Equal Rights Amendment was brought up to be considered in the Minnesota Senate. The ERA would put a measure on ...

COVID vaccines deserve public confidence

Last week something happened that qualifies as a personal milestone. I received my second of two COVID vaccine doses. That means I now have some built-in protection ...

On the Porch

Farm girl – MaryAnn (Kack) Blanchette – life changes

VanKeulen, Haukom

Haley VanKeulen and CJ Haukom announce their engagement. Parents of the couple are Pat and Karen VanKeulen of Marshall and Jeff and Pam Haukom of Marshall. ...

Schaeffer, Zahrbock

Christianson, Canton

Do you support a voter ID law for Minnesota?

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