Two weeks to go for Legislature

The Minnesota Legislature has about two weeks left in its current session. The DFL-controlled House and Republican-controlled Senate have been looking for ...

LGBTQ+: Not a lifestyle nor religion

There was a letter written in response to the one I recently submitted regarding the lawsuit against MPS. The response letter referenced the idea of LGBTQ+ as a ...

To the youth

To the editor: In light of recent events I felt compelled to speak out. I’m writing directly to the LGBTQ youth. I hope every single one ...


It was a wrestling match for the ages. A young upstart was pitted against a grizzled old veteran who had remained in place, unchallenged, for decades. The young ...

Read and sip

Keep it clean

VanKeulen, Haukom

Haley VanKeulen and CJ Haukom announce their engagement. Parents of the couple are Pat and Karen VanKeulen of Marshall and Jeff and Pam Haukom of Marshall. ...

Schaeffer, Zahrbock

Christianson, Canton

Do you support a voter ID law for Minnesota?

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