It’s all about the numbers

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In a town like Sleepy Eye, everyone is a farmer. If you’re not farming or working for one of the ag businesses, you’re probably only a generation removed from a farm. Since we’re all farmers, I get asked a lot how it’s going during harvest. I had this line about soybeans. “Before ...

Christmas cards are one of the 21st century’s lost arts

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It’s December. It’s time for tree decorating, Christmas shopping, holiday baking, visits from Santa and other traditions. I plan to decorate and shop. I’m also thinking about a potential revival of one of my holiday pursuits. I’m thinking about doing cards with a Christmas letter ...

The Vietnam War – Joe Louwagie – A dirty war

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Joseph Louwagie was the third of six children born to Marie and Gerard Louwagie, who farmed south of Green Valley. Joe married Jo Schmitz, in June 1968 after graduating college. The newlyweds’ plans changed when the local Draft Board refused Joe an educational deferment for law school. ...

On the Porch

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The Christmas card is often sent as part of the traditional celebration of the holiday season in order to convey between people a range of sentiments related to the holiday season. Over a billion Christmas cards are sent annually in the United States. A leader in the greeting card business, ...

Municipal giving and receiving

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For the city, this time of year means budget presentations, levy discussion and finalizing upcoming projects. This time of year also means giving and offering thanks for what has been received. What follows is a brief overview of what a city can give and receive. For the city, to appropriate ...