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Question: My truck was backed into yesterday and the mirror on the driver’s side broke off mirror. It is dangling by the wire now. Will I be legal to drive if I remove it or do I try to tape it back into position until it can be fixed? Answer: If your vehicle has one on the windshield or ...

On the Porch

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The official organization of Grandview township took place in August of 1873 at the first town meeting in the home of Jacob Thomas. The village of Grandview was founded in the spring of 1878 and the town site was plotted by the railroad on July 5, 1878. Grandview was the name chosen for the ...

‘Tear in the eye’ keeps coming

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I was carrying around in my head the death of another friend last week. On the radio came a reference to Stop the Steal from a couple years ago. I thought to myself, “How about a Stop the Sadness movement? That’s what I need.” Sadness is never too far away no matter our age. Some loss ...

Lisa Marie’s death proves Elvis left a lasting legacy

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It’s been a busy January at Graceland, as many hundreds have visited to pay respects to Lisa Marie Presley and her father the legendary Elvis. Lisa Marie died Jan. 12 of cardiac arrest at the age of 54. Her unexpected death has put the Presley family in the worldwide spotlight even more ...