Weather doesn’t respect borders


Perhaps you noticed the moon the last couple of nights with a reddish tint as it crept across the sky. No doubt you saw the haze in the morning air as you looked down the street, or across the valley. Meteorologists tell us the haze is being caused by wildfires burning in the West, affecting ...

Taking pride in renovated City Hall


As far back as the 1990s, it became apparent to city officials the Marshall Municipal Building no longer fit the needs of city workers and citizens. Originally built to house police and fire personnel, along with city administrative operations, the building became steadily outdated. ...

Gimpy girls

Local Columns

My wife and I recently went away for a few days simply because it was summertime and we felt the urge to “get out of Dodge” even though we hadn’t broken any local ordinances and Marshall Dillon wasn’t out to arrest us. As usual we left Sandy, our Golden Retriever, in charge of the ...

Long lasting relationships

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As we all know, there needs to be a balance in life. So easy to say but, oh, so hard to do! Again, we all know we need to eat as healthily as possible, right? And again, easy to say but so hard to do! We love those foods that have nourished us since whenever — so what if they are laden ...

County fairs brighten up summer


The COVID-19 restrictions last year forced us to give up a lot of things that we take for granted — packing into a ball park to watch a town team baseball game, for instance, or going to the movies or out for dinner. One thing that hurt a lot of small Minnesota communities was the shutdown of ...

Bezos and Gates

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At the risk of sounding like a gossip columnist, there have been two particular stories of divorces lately that have come to my attention: 1) Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos; 2) Bill and Melinda Gates. The Bezos divorce was finalized in April of 2019, but it was a recent story about a gift that Jeff ...