Compare Trump, Biden policies

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: In a recent letter by Sherwin Skar (June 7) that spent several paragraphs spouting all sorts of accusations in an effort to trash President Trump failed to mention any successful policies of the current administration which Sherwin Skar seems to be more enamored with. ...

Ask a Trooper

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Question: Can a truck with collector plates on it be used in a snow plow business? Is it legal to use collector plates on a vehicle driven on a daily basis? Answer: Driving a vehicle for general transportation with collector plates on is illegal. It is also illegal to use collector plates ...

In the field fixes

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While flipping a small jig for some panfish this weekend, I looked over the slightly faded orange wrappings on the tip of a favorite light action rod as I worked the offering back and elicited the strike of a few willing bluegills. So many seasons had passed since I conducted the impromptu ...

Flooded with ideas

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There are times when it’s welcome to be called empty headed. The absence of a constantly beating brain feels rather comforting, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, these types of moments don’t last very long because the mental flowing resumes in earnest. And you know, I welcome the flooding of ...