Ask a Trooper

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Question: I was wondering if my head lights are 2500 lumens each is that legal in the state of Minnesota? Answer: Yes, they are legal in the State of Minnesota according to state statue 169.48. Any lighted lamp for the exception of a headlamp, a spot lamp, or an auxiliary driving lamp of an ...

Plastic recycling

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If you have been struggling with plastic recycling, your time has come! California recently passed legislation that any company that makes any given plastic item can no longer place the resin code with the plastic number on an item if it is not recyclable. I hope that recyclers will soon see ...

Medicare supplemental insurance information

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Are Medicare supplement plans worth it? Medicare is the health insurance program provided by the U.S. government that helps protect people who are age 65 or older, or younger people who have certain disabilities. While Medicare helps pay for a number of medical expenses, it doesn’t cover ...

The COVID solution is sitting unused


The recent daily COVID-19 reports by the Minnesota Department of Health are not encouraging for the state or southwest Minnesota. The number of positive cases in Lyon County are now well over 4,000 since Jan. 20, 2020. Twenty-nine new positive cases were reported on Monday. The COVID ...

Keeping students safe in the classrooms

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As the hot summer winds shift to cool fall breezes, it is hard to believe we’re wrapping up the first quarter of the year. Our fall activities are completing up their seasons and winter activities will be starting soon. As the seasons shift and we find ourselves doing more indoor activities, ...

Transient pumas

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It’s the time of year when we must prepare for nocturnal visitors who are dressed in scary costumes and are seeking tasty tidbits. Just such a visitor was recently caught on camera in Brookings. A mountain lion was photoed as it sauntered nonchalantly across an urban lawn in the middle of ...