Don’t fall for internet hoodwinkers


Thank heaven for those gullible Americans. Let’s hope they never wise up. If they do, we’re out of jobs. One wonders whether that thought crosses the minds of Russian disinformation specialists who have had so much success sowing dissent in the United States. If not, it should.We ...

What goes around comes around

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: For me, Marshall is a wonderful town to live in. Love the college — going to Gold College seeing all the students there. I don’t care what color your skin, you students at our college are much to be proud of coming to college to continue your education. Respect goes a ...

Big Ten leads the way for responsible athletics


The Big Ten Conference became the first major college athletic conference to say no to fall sports, including football season. “The mental and physical health and welfare of our student-athletes has been at the center of every decision we have made regarding the ability to proceed ...

A letter from Mississippi

Local Columns

The mailman recently brought a letter from a lady who lives in Jackson, Mississippi. This was surprising for two reasons. First of all, I’m pretty sure that I don’t know anyone from Mississippi. Second, who still writes actual letters on actual paper? This practice, were it to take hold, ...

Census changes shortchange Minnesota

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: The Trump administration’s abrupt decision to cut a month of data collection from the 2020 census threatens to leave states like Minnesota out in the cold. In normal census years, rural areas are among those most difficult to count. But this year’s numbers are more ...

Need to learn more about COVID-19 to protect kids


Virtually every passing day demonstrates to us that we don’t know enough about COVID-19 to combat the virus effectively. Research on it — and on identifying other emerging disease threats — needs to be a higher priority. At the very top of the action list should be how the coronavirus ...