Biden proves his leadership every day

To the editor:

Are we better off than we were four years ago? The answer to that question is an unequivocal yes. About four years ago a national emergency was declared because of COVID-19. Our president at the time lied to us about it. He praised China’s response. He knew the virus was airborne and deadly, and instead of informing the us about it, he lied. He suggested people inject bleach.

Please, don’t do this. It will kill you.

Some people like to point to gas prices four years ago as a sign “Democrats are destroying the country.” In reality, we all know people weren’t driving nearly as much during the pandemic. This is why gas prices dropped. Countries around the world shut down. They stopped shipping goods around the world, which caused the global economy to sink into recession.

With Joe Biden as President, our country has seen the fastest job growth ever. Manufacturing is returning and is stronger than at anytime under Trump. Wages are up and are outpacing inflation. People have more opportunities now. Joe Biden has signed over 300 bipartisan bills into law, including the infrastructure law. Joe Biden and congressional Democrats have lowered prescription drug prices for seniors, with hopes to extend these savings to every American citizen. The deficit is lower. With Joe at the helm, our economy has recovered faster and more robustly than any other developed nation in the world. Our country is moving forward in a positive direction at an astonishing pace, and some people don’t like it because President Biden happens to be a Democrat.

President Biden is one of the best leaders our country has ever seen. He proves it every single day. Donald Trump is perhaps the worst, and he continues to prove it every single day. He literally says he wants to be a dictator, and he threatens his fellow Americans with revenge and retribution. For these and many other reasons, my vote in November will go to Joe Biden. And I will be proud to support an American who truly loves his country and its people.

Anthony Studemann



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