Unlike Biden, Trump had nation on right path

To the editor:

Honestly, are you better off now than you were just four years ago? Those that were living in another country four years ago and have entered this country illegally are, but not the legal citizens of this country. Are the illegal invaders the people Anthony Studemann is referring to in his bombastic letter of April 16?

Everything he wrote that praises his “hero” Biden is the very discharge that comes out of the South end of a bull facing North. Citizens know it’s not true because we are experiencing the costs of what Biden and his administration, along with the radical Democrats, have done for the last three and a half years. The majority of citizens of Southwest Minnesota and the United States inclusively are not so ignorant to believe that what Anthony Studemann has written in his letter contains any truth.

Four years ago there was virtually no inflation, energy costs were nearly half of what it is today, food prices were much less than today, good paying “real” jobs were increasing, the military was strong which provided for more peace throughout the world, just to mention a few things.

President Trump had this country on the right path to being more successful than ever before. The citizens of all races, religions or creeds were enjoying freedom and prosperity.

The Marxist, Constitution destroying, America last swamp rats didn’t want any of it so they stole the 2020 election and gave us the misery we are living today.

The next election needs to be honest, fair and only available to “legal” American citizens based on whether or not you want to maintain us as a Constitutional republic or dictatorial democracy. The future of this nation and our prodigy depends on it.

Roger Baumann



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