Labat has helped capture growth, prosperity

To the editor

Regarding the upcoming city council elections on Nov. 6, I offer this letter to voice unwavering support for electing Russ Labat as our new Ward 2 City Council Member.

Russ, who was born and raised in Marshall, has seen this community grow and prosper. For 23 years, he was the publisher of the Marshall Independent Newspaper, and has helped capture this growth and prosperity for all to share. He has been part of many committees and community boards always offering his support and assistance to make Marshall a better place to live.

I know Russ on both a professional and personal level, having served as the Economic Development Authority president and Past Master of Delta Lodge 119 Masonic Temple. Russ was instrumental in working with the downtown committee in raising funding for the Masonic Kids ID programs and was always interested in the what was happening in the EDA. We had a great working relationship on both levels.

Russ exhibits a remarkable balance of attention to detail with practicality. He can deal with a variety of people and personalities, yet not lose his cool, and still get the job done. He knows how to set a budget and stick to it. I see that as a gift that will be of great value to our City Council and the citizens of Marshall.

He is a man who leads by example. He treats others how he would expect to be treated, giving people respect and always earning it in kind. He has a unique knack for judging people’s abilities and for inspiring loyalty in those who get to know him.

Russ is a lifelong resident of Marshall and will serve this community well. His grandchildren and yours deserve a wonderful place to grow, learn, and succeed. As a City Council member, he will bring fresh ideas with progressive and forward thinking, while also working on ways to help eliminate the debt that faces Marshall.

Please get out there and vote for Russ on Nov. 6. He will be a breath of fresh air to the Marshall City Council and a great asset to the city of Marshall, its businesses, and its residents


David H. Edens Jr.