TMB/WWG finishes as 3A runner-up

Prep wrestling team section championships roundup

TRACY — The top-seeded Jackson County Central wrestling team was too much for No. 2 Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove in Saturday’s Section 3A team tournament. The Huskies defeated the Panthers 42-28 to earn a state tournament berth.

TMB/WWG advanced to the section championship dual with a 31-24 win over Adrian Area in the semifinals while JCC defeated Fulda/Murray County Central 43-21.

Troy Gillette, Devin Carter, Jacob Meyer and Eathan Martinez each had a pin for TMB/WWG in the section championship.

TMB/WWG, JCC, Adrian and F/MCC will all now head to Pipestone for the Section 3A individual tournament on Saturday at 10 a.m. The tournament will also feature Red Rock Central, Wabasso, Redwood Valley, Springfield and St. James.

JCC 42, TMB/WWG 28

107: Kyler Thier (JCC) over Logan Petersen (TMBW) (Dec 11-5) 114: Kayden Eller (JCC) over Weston Marten (TMBW) (Fall 1:45) 121: Isaac Rodriguez (JCC) over Nolan Verlinde (TMBW) (Fall 1:38) 127: Troy Gillette (TMBW) over Brock Berkner (JCC) (Fall 0:43) 133: Devin Carter (TMBW) over Geovany Munoz Mazarieuos (JCC) (Fall 0:49) 139: Benjamin Dahlin (JCC) over David Schuh (TMBW) (Fall 2:28) 145: Nolan Ambrose (JCC) over Tyler Arnold (TMBW) (Fall 0:54) 152: Alexander Schuh (TMBW) over Trey Rossow (JCC) (MD 16-7) 160: Jacob Meyer (TMBW) over Braeden Tufvesson (JCC) (Fall 3:33) 172: Seth Stai (JCC) over Ashton Squires (TMBW) (Fall 1:40) 189: Ryan Haley (JCC) over Gage Struchen (TMBW) (Dec 7-1) 215: Eathan Martinez (TMBW) over Jack Mix (JCC) (Fall 0:26) 285: Micheal Hansen (JCC) over Isaiah Wolske (TMBW) (Fall 3:48)

TMB/WWG 31, Adrian Area 24

107: Logan Petersen (TMBW) over (ADAR) (For.) 114: Weston Marten (TMBW) over David Anaya (ADAR) (MD 9-0) 121: Moe Erdman (ADAR) over Nolan Verlinde (TMBW) (Fall 1:07) 127: Devin Carter (TMBW) over Travis Weiss (ADAR) (MD 14-4) 133: Charger Erlandson (ADAR) over David Schuh (TMBW) (Dec 8-1) 139: Jackson Jenniges (ADAR) over Damian Alatriste (TMBW) (Dec 7-4) 145: Jesse Bullerman (ADAR) over Tyler Arnold (TMBW) (Fall 2:51) 152: Alexander Schuh (TMBW) over Caleb Wolf (ADAR) (Dec 11-10) 160: Jacob Meyer (TMBW) over Bruce Farinella (ADAR) (MD 10-1) 172: Ashton Squires (TMBW) over Rilee Heidebrink (ADAR) (Dec 5-2) 189: Gage Struchen (TMBW) over Reese Morrison (ADAR) (Dec 7-3) 215: Eathan Martinez (TMBW) over Roberto Hernandez (ADAR) (MD 14-3) 285: Jaren Winselman (ADAR) over Gabriel Wolske (TMBW) (Fall 0:26)

JCC 43, F/MCC 21

107: Kyler Thier (JCC) over Kaston Clarke (FMCC) (Dec 3-0) 114: Ever Munoz Mazariegos (JCC) over Mason Kirchner (FMCC) (Dec 3-0) 121: Kayden Eller (JCC) over Truman Olsem (FMCC) (Fall 0:39) 127: Isaac Rodriguez (JCC) over Brayden Gilb (FMCC) (Fall 1:08) 133: Benjamin Dahlin (JCC) over Teague Meyer (FMCC) (MD 12-2) 139: Aiden Lorenzen (FMCC) over Ulises Bouakham (JCC) (Fall 3:41) 145: Nolan Ambrose (JCC) over Denver Ash (FMCC) (Fall 1:49) 152: Trey Rossow (JCC) over Lucas Kuball (FMCC) (Fall 3:26) 160: Quintin Lewis (FMCC) over Braeden Tufvesson (JCC) (Fall 2:42) 172: Seth Stai (JCC) over Carson Lewis (FMCC) (Fall 0:13) 189: Ryan Haley (JCC) over Luke Iverson (FMCC) (Dec 3-0) 215: Carson Klein (FMCC) over Jack Mix (JCC) (Fall 1:23) 285: Colby Kesteloot (FMCC) over Micheal Hansen (JCC) (Dec 9-7)

BBE upsets top-seeded

Canby in 5A finals

MINNEOTA — The top-seeded Canby wrestling team wasn’t able to earn its way to the state tournament on Saturday, falling 39-21 to No. 2 Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa in the Section 5A championship.

Canby advanced to the section championship after beating No. 5 Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City earlier in the day, 34-27, while BBE defeated Paynesville 47-21 in the semifinals.

Eli Greenman and Issac Guzman each had a pin in each of the Lancers’ two duals on Saturday.

The Lancers will now get ready to host the 5A individual section tournament on Saturday. In addition to Canby, BBE, ACGC and Paynesville, the tournament will also include Minneota, Quad County, B.O.L.D., Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, Benson and Ortonville. Competition will begin at 10 a.m.

BBE 39, Canby 21

107: Noah Jensen (BBE) over Cash Antony (CANB) (Dec 5-2) 114: Noah Welte (BBE) over Ty Rangaard (CANB) (Fall 1:22) 121: Eli Greenman (CANB) over Jace Mueller (BBE) (Fall 2:22) 127: Brennan Giese (CANB) over Aiden Mueller (BBE) (Dec 4-1) 133: Issac Guzman (CANB) over Louie Tensen (BBE) (Fall 5:39) 139: Ryan Jensen (BBE) over Tallen Merritt (CANB) (Fall 0:49) 145: Tanner Viessman (BBE) over Blake Giese (CANB) (Dec 4-3) 152: Brett DeRoo (BBE) over Sam Drietz (CANB) (Dec 3-0) 160: Ethan Mueller (BBE) over Brodyrck Gravdal (CANB) (Fall 3:13) 172: Maximus Hanson (BBE) over Sawyer Verhelst (CANB) (Fall 1:41) 189: Nick Wagner (CANB) over Hunter Laage (BBE) (Dec 7-2) 215: Carson Gilbert (BBE) over Wesley Verhelst (CANB) (Fall 0:23) 285: Gavin Noyes (CANB) over Harley Weber (BBE) (Dec 4-3)

Canby 34, ACGC 27

107: Nolan Bierwerth (ACGC) over Cash Antony (CANB) (Fall 5:41) 114: Ty Rangaard (CANB) over Tucker Johnson (ACGC) (MD 13-2) 121: Eli Greenman (CANB) over Jacob Meyer (ACGC) (Fall 0:15) 127: Luke Garvick (ACGC) over Brennan Giese (CANB) (Fall 1:07) 133: Issac Guzman (CANB) over Logan Holien (ACGC) (Fall 3:41) 139: Blake Giese (CANB) over Joseph Sherwood (ACGC) (Dec 9-4) 145: Edwyn Gonzalez (ACGC) over Tallen Merritt (CANB) (MD 13-3) 152: Brodyrck Gravdal (CANB) over Braxton Kragenbring (ACGC) (Dec 6-3) 160: Sam Drietz (CANB) over Brody Straumann (ACGC) (MD 9-1) 172: Jevon Williams (ACGC) over Sawyer Verhelst (CANB) (TF 15-0 6:00) 189: Nick Wagner (CANB) over Ethan Whitcomb (ACGC) (TF 16-0 3:06) 215: Isaiah Renne (ACGC) over Wesley Verhelst (CANB) (Fall 0:58) 285: Gavin Noyes (CANB) over Juan Cardenas (ACGC) (Dec 3-1)


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