CLASS AAA GIRLS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT: Marshall resilient in tight games

MARSHALL – Bouncing back from a tough loss can always be a challenging task, especially if it’s coming after a tight game that includes a last-second shot. But the Marshall girls basketball team was able to show its poise and resiliency once more in Thursday’s consolation semifinal game against Austin, using a strong defensive performance and hitting some key shots down the stretch to keep their season alive.

Marshall junior Paige Andries said they weren’t ready to have their season come to a close just yet and they wanted to continue to play together as a group one more day.

“I think we just wanted to keep playing as a team. We wanted to be able to keep having our team together,” Andries said. “We’re really tight as a group and I don’t think we wanted that to end and we wanted to play another time and finish our season on a win.”

The Tigers have been involved in numerous tight contests this season, playing in eight games that have been decided by single digits. Of those eight, six have resulted in victory, including three coming after a loss.

Marshall coach Dan Westby said their group has been very resilient and hopes they can show it one more time and try and end their season on a win.

“This group is pretty resilient; they deal with things pretty well, maybe better than I do, but again there are only three teams that finish the season with a win, so we’re excited that we have that opportunity to play for the consolation,” Westby said.

Going into today’s game against Hibbing, sophomore forward Emily Meier kept it simple for their gameplan of their final game of the season.

“Leave it all on the court with nothing to lose,” she said.