We deserve the truth about Jan. 6

We all saw the horrible events of that day. The pro-Trump insurrectionists were waving American flags, Trump flags, QAnon flags, and even Confederate flags while viciously attacking our Capitol.

They used fists, stun guns, chemical sprays, riot shields stolen from officers, fire extinguishers, metal pipes and poles and even those flags they were waving with such fervor to attack Capitol Police officers for hours. Over 130 police officers were injured while protecting members of Congress and their staff.

Officer Brian Sicknick lost his life, others committed suicide from the trauma they endured, and even more will carry the scars forever, inside and out. The insurrectionists smashed windows and doors to gain entry. They screamed and yelled about killing elected officials. They erected a gallows and a noose on the Capitol grounds. They did all this while chanting things like “USA” and “Hang Mike Pence.”

They did all this to try to keep Trump in power. Our fellow Americans tried to overturn the will of the people because they believed in the lies spread by our former president and his allies.

And now most Congressional Republicans show where their loyalties lie with their vote against forming an independent commission. Not with the American people, our country, our Constitution, democracy or the truth, but with Trump and his lies.

They don’t want the American people to know the truth. They’d rather we just forget about it and move on. But we will never forget what happened.

Officer Sicknick’s mother, Gladys Sicknick, went to the Capitol to meet with Senate Republicans. She didn’t want to be there. But she knew that this was bigger than her and the loss of her son. This was about defending democracy.

She went there to urge them to vote for the independent commission. Most of them turned her away, and out of those who did meet with this grieving mother, most said they disagreed with her. Think about that. Think about how they ignored her. Think about how they’re denying a grieving mother’s plea. Think about how they turned their backs on the officers who risked everything to protect their lives. Think about how they’re denying the American people the truth. Think about their oaths to protect and defend our country and Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic.

Their actions are disgraceful and detestable, but truth will prevail. Thankfully, Congressional Democrats and the few principled Republicans will fight for the truth.

They will get the truth for Gladys, for the officers who risked their lives and for the American people because we deserve it.

— Anthony Studemann is a

Marshall resident


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