Demand equal justice system

To the editor:

If you read the fake news or listen to most mainstream TV, you are probably not aware of the “justice” system in the U.S; one for the common, everyday working class and the one meant for those of Democrat persuasion. Two cases in point — Hunter Biden’s laptop and how he was shielded from public scrutiny with the aid of law enforcement (they held on to the laptop for two years and still have not done much with it) and the recent case of Paul Pelosi’s DUI.

First it was reported that no injuries were involved in the two-car crash. Then minor injuries Then more serious injuries to Pelosi’s negligence. To make it even more interesting, the judge who was supposed to preside in the case was mysteriously replaced by someone with little or no experience who just happens to be a registered Democrat.

If you would really like to have your blood boil, do an internet search with the words: Paul Pelosi DUI and also: Hunter Biden laptop investigation. Demand some real justice.

Dan Markell



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