Thank Fischbach for contributing to undermining the system

To the editor:

I recently received an email “update” from (U.S. Rep.)Michelle Fischbach detailing her activities of the recent past. In the email, she acknowledged that she and other Republicans had refused to vote for raising the debt limit because “it is their (Democrat) policies and agenda which are requiring such increases to the debt limit”.

I wonder if most of her constituents who voted for her realize that this is either an intentional lie or just another elected representative who fails to understand even the simplest economic practices. Be sure to write Ms Fischbach and thank her for her contribution to undermining the system when your social security or military retirement checks are held up.

In reality, the debt limit needs to be raised as always for paying bills incurred during the last administration. Apparently, Ms Fischbach feels that she can change facts by changing the dialogue and manufacturing new economic policies. This is known as “Trumponomics” — stiff your creditors and tie things up in court for perpetuity. God bless America.

Dennis Phelps



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