We must never forget

To the editor:

Twenty years ago the deadliest terrorist attack in our nation’s history was visited on our shores.

We will never forget — the friends and loved ones we lost or our heroes that day and in the military campaigns that followed who saved lives, sometimes sacrificing their own to do so.

Sept. 11 also united our citizens and elicited even more respect for our service personnel. It rallied more respect and support for law enforcement and first responders and their families for all they sacrifice daily to keep us free and safe.

We are reminded that we should not take for granted our freedoms. Since 2001 our service members answered the call to serve and so many lives were lost and so many still surviving with disabilities and PTSD. We must remember and we must continue to support and advocate for them and their families. We must never forget.

Thank you for your service.

Pacholl Moser VFW 2603

Wilmont and its Auxiliary


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