Beware of ‘fake science’

To the editor:

The 7-2-2021 ‘Other Views’ makes an interesting science statement: “…The flexibility and willingness to learn is key to discovery and to human knowledge.” and, “..new information can shake loose even the most firmly held beliefs as the scientific method is impartial to politics or patronage. .”

That statement may be an ideal, but it doesn’t reflect what’s going on in science education where students are fed a distorted view of reality.

Macro-evolution says simple chemicals combine to form living cells complete with a DNA library, which then evolve into organisms of higher complexity by creating new information. In reality, its DNA has simply DE-volved into something with an ever increasing amount of mutated genes thereby producing an organism that can be selected out of a population to possibly survive a certain environment. This DE-volving process can also be called ‘genetic entropy’ ; very similar to entropy in man-made machines; everything is wearing out, falling apart, except the genetic version is happening at the molecular machinery level.

Each of our trillions of cells has millions of machines operating in communication with each other. Scientists have found that the information system to handle all this activity is very similar to our elaborate computer systems, DNA liken to a hard drive. Millions of molecular machines interact to form a RAM. Each gene is like an executable computer program, sometimes many programs per gene. All of it is wearing down and all life appears headed for extinction. (read ‘Genetic Entropy’ by J.C. Sanford, 2014).

Evolution’s ‘side-kick’ is ‘old age of the earth’ (billions yrs.). It gives evolution an air of plausibility; but it cannot even get to the level of a good hypothesis. Read 3/17/21, 3/30, 4/16, 5/6, & 5/12 letters to editor. The young age letters had ample data and explanations. The old age letters did not explain how scientists came up with 4.3 billion yr. earth age.

Another ‘Fake Science’ topic of our day is global warming caused by ‘man-made’ CO2. Reducing CO2 may make a good sales pitch for selling electric cars, but it’s totally worthless for fixing the warming problem.

Phil Drietz



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