E15 is a win-win for Minnesota legislators

To the Editor

While partisan divisions continue to dominate the debate about our nation’s energy future, legislators in St. Paul are considering a proposal that can unite our state behind a clean, homegrown energy opportunity. By incentivizing fuel stations to offer higher blends of biofuels and expanded E15sales, Minnesota can fuel a more prosperous and sustainable future.

When drivers fill their vehicles at the pump, they usually purchase 10 percent ethanol blends. By standardizing 15 percent blends, drivers can save 3 to 10 cents more per gallon. At a time where our state’s economy will need recovery from the pandemic, Minnesotans are looking for relief wherever it may come. The money saved at the pump will help fuel other aspects of the economy and put more money in the pockets of Minnesotans.

Expanding E15 sales will also benefit Minnesota corn farmers and ethanol producers alike. Creating a friendly tax environment will generate a new market for farmers who sell home-grown energy and can reduce our reliance on foreign fuel sources in the process.

Additionally, E15 burns cleaner than most other fuel alternatives and is a step in the right direction to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

The agricultural community is the backbone of the statewide economy, and legislators have an opportunity to help our farmers. E15 is pro-business,pro-environment,and pro-agriculture.

Let’s make expanded E15accesshappen, Minnesota.

John Christianson


— John Christianson is director of Christianson, LLP


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