Expanding broadband internet is essential

To the editor:

There’s one thing this pandemic has shown us, it’s that high-speed broadband internet, in schools and homes is essential. With workers and students being sent home, the need for broadband in these areas has been amplified.

President Biden has dedicated over $450 billion in his American Jobs Plan for these areas. Biden’s infrastructure plan will invest money into expanding high-speed broadband internet, affordable housing, school construction, and community colleges.

We’ve all seen the challenges our neighbors, especially those across Greater Minnesota have faced without access to high-speed broadband internet during the coronavirus pandemic. As students and workers slowly get back on their feet, improvements in schools and further access to affordable housing are proving essential. Broadband is as necessary as telephone lines were in the 1930s and electricity in the 1940s after WW2.

Minnesotans need these improvements to better their quality of life and will benefit from it in the future.

Lisa Haney



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