Think about our children’s future

To the editor:

The Minnesota Republican caucus is mistaken to believe that the desire to breathe clean air is exclusive to metro-citizens. (Jan. 23 Independent).

We, citizens of the great outstate do like to breathe clean air.

Minnesota adopting the California emission standards will provide cleaner air, decrease dependence on fossil fuels, decrease the negative medical impact of pollutants and open up the vehicle market in Minnesota to the cleaner vehicles we all want. Our state rep and senator should support this.

Perhaps Messrs. Swedzinski and Dahms enjoy sucking fumes from thrumming engines, whether they be lawnmowers or trucks. Perhaps they believe that science simply should not design vehicles that are more efficient and will be better for humans, plants and animals.

Not the rest of us. We need tighter emission standards now until we can transition to no-emission vehicles.

A better idea for the gassy legislators who endorse pollution would be to realize their responsibility to present and future generations. Get ahead of the curve and work on better opportunities in transit, alternative energy, smart agriculture, and science education and training for a healthier, greener Minnesota.

We all need to help forge a better life for our kids instead of going along with the same old dirty songs off the broken records of the environmental destruction advocates.

Neighbors, tell Mr. Swedzinski and Mr. Dahms to work and think for us instead of being ALEC toadies. And urge all our legislators take a break from their fossil fume hookahs and think ahead so we won’t be coughing from behind.

Patricia McLoone



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