Lift your spirits with music

To the editor:

We’ve been in our “Little House on the Prairie” for the past week and, depending on our ages and medical conditions, we have at least another week to stay home in an attempt to stop the coronavirus.

My recommendation for everyone is to search “Coronavirus Guidelines for America”; this explains our personal responsibility in helping to manage this coronavirus.

In addition, the following website is very helpful to learn what is currently occurring in the state of Minnesota: “Minnesota Department of Health” .> Coronavirus Information: Learn More > Situation Update.

On this site you will find all the current information regarding Minnesota and the coronavirus. Scroll down to see the map, put your mouse on the county and click; you will see that county’s current information regarding the coronavirus. By the way, this information is continuously updated. This gives us a clear understanding of what and where the coronavirus is in our state. It will also help us stop the spread of rumors while getting the appropriate education regarding our State of Minnesota and the coronavirus.

These are challenging times: I will tell you that when I am faced with these times, such as feelings of isolation, being alone, or being considered a senior citizen or a child, I’ve discovered that thinking about others is undoubtedly the best medicine for me. With that thought of helping others in mind, I will be making some recommendations for us who are capable and have the equipment take steps to help the medical community throughout our area with personal equipment necessary for them to do their jobs and at the same time protecting themselves. (Think masks.) There’s a team coming together that will provide direction for us, so I will be in touch again soon.

Now I am hoping to lift our spirits and ask you to do what I’ve done. Listen to music, and I suggest these three songs to give you a lift.

1) “We are the World” by USA for Africa (It’s inspirational)

2) “What the World Needs Now” by Jackie Deshannon (It’s graceful)

3) “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens (It’s hope)

If you don’t have access to this music, call the radio station and ask them to play them for you every day.

John Drown



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