Farmers not happy with Dayton’s land grab

To the editor:

I am writing in regard to the buffer law enforcement article in the Jan. 9 Independent. In this article it says that compliance is about 80 percent with compliance on ditches at only 67 percent.

Last summer there were articles in the paper that the farmers were happy to jump on the bandwagon and put their strips in. It was also said that compliance was at 90-plus percent. Last fall at harvest time as I drove around the community I could see lots of ditches that were not seeded. Some were still in crops. If the farmers were so eager to put the strips in, why is it only 67 percent complete?

I have yet to talk to a farmer who is happy with Dayton’s land grab. If this information is coming from the same people it looks like someone is lying. When I turn on the TV news I expect this — locally we can do better.

Victor Leppke