Time for Tracy to move ahead

Attend a Tracy City Council meeting or public hearing these days, and there’s a good chance you will hear an insightful speech by one of its members.

During the Aug. 28 public hearing to decide his fate on remaining on the Economic Development Authority board, City Council member Tony Peterson stated: “I’m a bull in the china shop. A lightning rod. I have been that way all my life. That is not going to change.”

The Council made up of his peers ultimately decided Peterson was not guilty of violating city codes.

Then there was last week’s Council meeting. The audience heard a speech of another kind. It was an appeal made by Council member Jeri Schons.

“I’m tired of people saying verbally they are all for the best interest of the city and everything. And then their actions are saying a total opposite. They are dragging the city in the mud and through the mud. People either have to start saying what they actually feel or either knock it off and stop it,” she said.

We applaud Schons for taking a stand against the squabbling. It may not be popular with some factions in Tracy, but she’s right.

There’s too much at stake for Tracy elected officials and others to be bathing in mud. Despite all the distractions, Tracy economic development is on an upswing.

Time to put aside differences and move ahead.


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