Short Takes

Hobby Lobby a boost for Marshall


Marshall received another economic development boost this week with the announcement of Hobby Lobby opening a store at the former Kmart building along Minnesota Highway 23. This comes on the heels of the opening of the recent opening of Aldi’s Grocery Store. This is a big deal because it follows the old adage “If you build it, they will come.” The more reasons you give people living in southwest Minnesota to visit Marshall to shop instead of going to further shopping destinations such as Sioux

Falls, South Dakota, and Mankato, the more hope there will be other major retail companies will give Marshall another look.

Walnut Grove receives a boost too


The Wilder Museum of Walnut Grove also scored a big win with its announcement of the purchase of three highly prized collectors items from the “Little House on the Prairie” television series. These items will hopefully draw more attention to the museum and boost visitor counts.

Hoping for the best in office closure


The closure of the Karen Organization of Minnesota office in Marshall is unfortunate. Karen are an ethnic group from the mountainous border regions of Burma and Thailand. The office helped Karen refugees transition to living in the Marshall area. The organization blamed finances for the closure. Marshall Program Manager Ron Skjong expressed regret for the closure, but said he was encouraged by the conversations that have been started between people all sectors who share a commitment to welcoming immigrants and refugees. Hopefully, that commitment will continue in the long term future.

Get the facts before RTR election


Residents living within the Russell-Tyler-Ruthton School District are getting hit with a deluge of factual and inaccurate information involving the upcoming school bond referendum. A lot of people depend on social media to get information. That can be good and bad. The problem with social media, some of the information is less than accurate. Take the time to get the facts from reliable sources.