New at the library

New Materials at the Marshall-Lyon County library


• Dickson, Shirley. Our Last Goodbye

• Gwyn, Aaron. All God’s Children

• Ibrahim, Laila. Golden Poppies (Yellow Crocus #3)

• Ibrahim, Laila. Mustard Seed (Yellow Crocus #2)

• Ibrahim, Laila. Yellow Crocus (#1)

• Klassen, Julie. A Castaway in Cornwall

• Merullo, Roland. From These Broken Streets

• Stonich, Sarah. Fishing!

• Zigman, Laura. Separation Anxiety


• Lovesey, Peter. Wobble to Death

• Mosley, Walter. Devil in a Blue Dress (Easy Rawlins #1)

• Penrose, Andrea. Murder at Kensington Palace (Wexford & Sloane #3)

• Penrose, Andrea. Murder on Black Swan Lane (Wexford & Sloane #1)

• Quartey, Kwei. The Missing American

• Weaver, Ashley. A Most Novel Revenge (Amory Ames #3)

• Weaver, Ashley. Death Wears a Mask (Amory Ames #2)

• Weaver, Ashley. The Essence of Malice (Amory Ames #4)

Large print

• Bischof, Joanne. The Lady and the Lionheart

• Dallas, Sandra. The Patchwork Bride

• Dibben, Damian. Tomorrow

• Evans, Richard Paul. Noel Street

• Gabhart, Ann H. River to Redemption

• Harris, Robert. V2

• Hendricks, Greer and Sarah Pekkanen. An Anonymous Girl

• Hooper, Elise. Fast Girls

• Kirkpatrick, Jane. Everything She Didn’t Say

• Klassen, Julie. A Castaway in Cornwall

• Kline, Christina Baker. The Exiles

• Martin, Charles. Chasing Fireflies

• Mills, Kyle. Vince Flynn-Total Power

• Osman, Richard. The Thursday Murder Club

• Pears, Tim. The Horseman (West Country trilogy #1)

• Pears, Tim. The Wanderer (West Country trilogy #2)

• Price, Sarah. The Faded Photo

• Ruchti, Cynthia. Song of Silence

• Turner, Bethany. Hadley Beckett’s Next Dish


• ACT Prep 2021 (The Princeton Review) 378.1662 ACT

• Bebo. The Everything Tabletop Games Book 794 BEB

• Beschloss, Michael. Presidents of War 973 BES

• Brands, H.W. Dreams of El Dorado 978.02 BRA

• Brannen, Cyndi. Entering Hekate’s Garden 133.43 BRA

• Dolin, Eric Jay. A Furious Sky 363.3492 DOL

• Doskow, Emily. Nolo’s Essential Guide to Child Custody & Support 346.017 DOS

• Feiler, Bruce. Life is in the Transitions 155.93 FEI

• Fishman, Stephen. Deduct It! Lower Your Small Business Taxes 343.0526 FIS

• Fishman, Stephen. Home Business Tax Deductions 343.0526 FIS

• Foolproof Fish 641.692 FOO

• Ford, Bryan. New World Sourdough 641.8651 FOR

• How We Go Home (Voices from Indigenous North America) 970.1 HOW

• Lim, Karla. Creative Calligraphy Made Easy 745.61 LIM

• O’donnell, Kate. The Everyday Ayurveda Guide to Self-Care 615.538 O’DO

• Paper Crafts- A Maker’s Guide 745.54 PAP

• Potter, Rasia. Tarot for Beginners 133.324 POT

• Ramos, Paola. Finding Latinx 305.868 RAM

• Rippon, Kelly. Parent Up 649.7 RIP

• Roman, Alison. Nothing Fancy 641.568 ROM

• Toll, Maia. The Illustrated Crystallary 133.2548 TOL

• Yangsook, Choi. Korean Patchwork Quilting 746.46 YAN


Child, Brenda J. Bowwow Powwow

Dewdney, Anna. Little Excavator

Dewdney, Anna. Llama Llama Loose Tooth Drama

Hood, Morag. Brenda is a Sheep


Glaser, Karina Yan. The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden (#2)

Glaser, Karina Yan. The Vanderbeekers to the Rescue (#3)

Grabenstein, Chris. The Smartest Kid in the Universe (#1)

London, Jonathan. Bella Bella (Aaron’s Wilderness #2)

London, Jonathan. Desolation Canyon (Aaron’s Wilderness #1)

Oppel, Kenneth. Hatch (The Overthrow #2)

Reeve, Philip. Oliver and the Sea Monkeys

Riley, James. Story Thieves-Pick the Plot (Story Thieves # 4)

Riley, James. Story Thieves-Secret Origins (Story Thieves #3)

Riley, James. Story Thieves-The Stolen Chapters (Story Thieves #2)

Riley, James. Story Thieves-Worlds Apart (Story Thieves # 5)

Smiley, Jane. Taking the Reins

Stilton, Thea. And the Rainforest Rescue

Tidhar, Lavie. The Candy Mafia


Alexander, Kwame. Crossover 741.5 ALE

Green, John Patrick. InvestiGATORS Take the Plunge 741.5 GRE V.2

Kenney, Karen Latchana. H is for Home (Sesame Street) 728 KEN

Nye, Bill. Great Big World of Science 500 NYE

Packer, Neil. One of a Kind 001.012 PAC

Perl, Erica S. Truth or Lie-Sharks 597.3 PER

Tosi, Christina. Milk Bar-Kids Only 641.5 TOS


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