Marshall to plat Dollar General property

Process to resolve lot line issues, zoning requirements

MARSHALL — The city of Marshall will be considering a new plat for the new Dollar General store on East College Drive.

The new plat would combine two existing lots into one to meet Marshall zoning requirements.

The Marshall City Council introduced the plat and called for a Dec. 13 public hearing as part of the consent agenda during Tuesday’s regular council meeting. There was no discussion of the item, but agenda materials for the council meeting said the new plat would fix issues with zoning requirements and the lot lines on the property.

“City staff views the plat as a formality because there is little reason to not approve a plat to combine lots and clean up property descriptions,” Marshall Public Works Director Jason Anderson said Tuesday.

Dollar General had purchased two lots for development along East College Drive, the agenda packet said. However, the store building currently sits on top of the lot line dividing the two lots. That’s not allowed by city zoning ordinances, which require property line setbacks.

The situation was also complicated by an error in the property descriptions of the lots. Under the existing descriptions, the property lines where the two lots meet overlap slightly. Lyon County would not combine the two lots, Anderson said.

The city reached out to request a plat to combine the lots and fix the lot line issues. The developer and surveyor agreed it was the right solution, Anderson said.

The Marshall Planning Commission discussed the preliminary plat for the property on Nov. 9, and commission members recommended approval of the plat.


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