Multiple catalytic converter thefts reported in Marshall

MARSHALL — Marshall Police are urging residents to keep an eye on their vehicles after a trio of catalytic converter thefts were reported this month.

The Marshall Police Department said it received three different reports of stolen catalytic converters in June, with two of the thefts happening within the past few days.

“We wanted to get the word out, for awareness,” said Detective Sgt. Jason Buysse of the Marshall Police.

The MPD shared theft prevention tips on its Facebook page on Thursday.

All three of the catalytic converters reported stolen this month were taken from vehicles parked outside, Buysse said. Two of the thefts happened overnight, while a third happened sometime in the late evening or early morning hours.

Catalytic converter thefts have been on the rise across Minnesota over the past couple of years. Buysse said so far, Marshall has been fortunate in that few thefts have been reported. However, local residents are encouraged to take precautions to help prevent more catalytic converters being stolen.

If possible, residents should park their vehicle in a secure area like a garage, he said. If that’s not possible, park in a well-lit area. Other tips include etching the car’s VIN onto the catalytic converter, or using surveillance cameras.

“Neighbors need to look out for each other,” Buysse said. If people notice any suspicious behavior, they are encouraged to call the MPD, he said.


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