Deer breaks into Marshall store

Photo courtesy of Dereck Deutz Damage to a glass door at Columbia Imports in Marshall was caused by a deer crashing into the store early Tuesday morning.

MARSHALL — A downtown Marshall business had an unusual visitor earlier this week after a deer smashed through a glass door at Columbia Imports on Main Street.

“It was an interesting morning,” said Dan Walters. Walters said he was headed to work with Coleman Management on Tuesday, when he learned that one of the doors at Columbia Imports had been broken into. The building was owned by Coleman Management, so Walters went to check things out while contacting store owner Dereck Deutz on his cell phone.

“I heard a noise,” Walters said. “I looked inside (the store) and there’s two eyes looking at me.”

Deutz said he got Walters’ call around 8 a.m. “He said, ‘There’s a deer in there,'” Deutz said. At first, he thought Walters was kidding.

Walters was able to get a short video of the deer on his phone, and he tried to think of what to do with the deer. He said the animal ran into the back of the store, before he was able to herd it outside.

It’s not certain what made the deer break into Columbia Imports. Walters said there have been a couple times in the past when a deer went through the glass at a Main Street business. Deutz joked that the deer might have been interested in the popcorn in the store window.

Fortunately, it didn’t look like the deer caused any damage aside from the broken glass and some fur and scuff marks on the floor, Deutz said. Southwest Glass Center replaced the door with new shatter-resistant glass.

“They were able to fix the door that day,” he said.

Deutz shared Walters’ video clip of the deer on Columbia Imports’ Instagram page.


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