Murray County Board to deliberate conditional use permits

SLAYTON — The Murray County Board will be deliberating the approval of three conditional use permits today.

Environmental Administrator Jean Christoffels will present conditional use permits for approval for Chandler Co-op, Ty and Bruce Van Peursem and Levi and Jeff Zins. All three had public hearings on March 15.

Christoffels’ staff report said that Kevin Devereaux, Chandler Co-op general manager, made application After the Fact Conditional Use Permit to operate an Agricultural Business in the Agriculture District on property owned by Eric Dahlgren, in Lowville Township, Murray County.

In October 2017, the Chandler Co-op North Seed Location sign on Dahlgren’s property was discovered, and after researching the property, it was determined that there was a change of use from a home occupation to an agricultural service business. It was known that Dahlgren was selling seeds from his property on his own, the administrators’ report said.

“After contacting Dahlgren, he explained that Chandler Co-op leases a couple of buildings and four seed bins as well as hires him an employee,” it said.

Without providing exact details of the property and the situation, the Planning Commission, at its Nov. 16, 2017, meeting, was asked if this proposal should have required a CUP. The Planning Commission felt that is was a change of use and that the applicant should be required to obtain an After the Fact Conditional Use permit.

Chandler Co-op receives and delivers seed as a Monsanto/Dekalb dealership for bagged and bulk seed, the report said. There is an office in a corner of one of the buildings and a port-a-potty is rented for bathroom facilities during the months that the dealership is in operation.

The Planning Commission will need to decide if there is sufficient area on the property for off-street parking and loading for this use per section of the Murray County Zoning Ordinance that was read prior to the hearing.

The Zoning Commission claims that the Comprehensive Land Use Plan emphasized the importance of proper planning ensuring that decisions made are best for the citizens of the county as well as the environment. Additionally, a portion of the plan under Economic Development helps Murray County to develop in an economically sustainable manner, and to provide for tourist-oriented economic activity.

Unless someone could provide evidence to the contrary, the area on which the seed dealership is located is zoned as Agriculture with an overlay district of Shoreland Special Protection, the report said.

The existing buildings and seed bins being used are all located farther than the required setback from the road right of way of 166th Street (County Road 12), an established county road, the report said.

The main question they had was as an Agricultural Service Business, does the commission feel a port-a-potty is adequate for the bathroom? The bathroom facilities is one of the special conditions to be met in order to obtain the permit.

The Van Peursems applied to build a feedlot in Fenton Township. The plan is to construct a total confinement swine barn with concrete manure pit to house 2,400 head (720 AU). The construction of the barn, office and load-out would be completed to meet the required setbacks to all rural residences, property lines and the road right of way, the report said.

“Before TJ and Bruce Van Peursem can start construction for his feedlot he will have to provide Murray County the feedlot application, manure management plan, the engineer plans and any other information that would be required for a CSF (Construction Short Form) permits for this site,” Ag and Solid Waste Administrator Jon Bloemendaal wrote in February.

“Once the county has received, reviewed and approved all the information that they need, we will issue the CSF permit,” Bloemendaal said. “The site would become a registered feedlot once he is operational and we have received a completion report from the engineer.”

The Zins are also looking to construct and operate a new feedlot with over 300 animal units in the agriculture district.

They made application for a CUP pursuant to Murray County Zoning Ordinance and plan to construct a total confinement swine barn with contrite manure pit to house 3,000 head (900 AU).

Construction of the barn, office and load-out would be completed to meet the required setbacks to all property lines and the road right of way. A 250-foot variance to the nearest rural residences was granted by the Murray County Board of Adjustment on Feb. 15, Christoffels staff report said.

The fate of the three CUPs will be determined at this county board meeting if all the requirements have been met.


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