Public salaries

After making a request for information to various entities, the Independent is publishing lists of the top salaried/hourly employees from the city of Marshall, Lyon County, Marshall High School, Southwest Minnesota State University and Marshall Municipal Utilities. This information is a matter of public record, and the lists provided by each entity are the most recent salaries/wages. The Independent will publish this information annually and thanks the aforementioned entities for their cooperation.

MMU (full-time, hourly included)

Brad Roos, general manager, $166,483.00

Steve Johnson, electric operations manager, $107,952.00

Jeff Larson, water operations manager, $100,420.00

Leslie Hisken, customer service manager, $100,420.00

Kevin Lee, finance manager, 94,501.00

Larry Lamote, electric superintendent, $91,619.00

Arlyn Lindsay, plant/properties superintendent, $91,619.00

Mark Antony, energy services coordinator, $86,898.00

Tony Mead, electric line foreman, $86,898.00

Sharon Buysse, data analyst, $83,556.00

Brian Dahl, water foreman, $79,280.00

Duane Kopperud, lead electric line worker, $79,280.00

Jayne Jeremiason, customer service supervisor, $76,307.00

Nate Janssen, electric line worker, $76,307.00

Jorge Lacroix, electronics technician, $76,307.00

Ryan Wendt, GIS systems specialist, $76,068.00

Cory Fetters, electric engineer, $75,546.00

Bill Meyer, electric line worker, $74,839.00

Brian Stimpson, accountant, $74,839.00

Justin Deragisch, electric line worker, $73,372.00

Scott Walters, information technology specialist, $73,114.00

Scott Mellenthin, lead plant operator, $69,618.00

Derek Varpness, electric line worker, $69,019.00

Trevor Morin, electric line worker, $67,667.00

Reed Andries, lead water plant operator, $66,797.00

Lyon County

Richard Maes, county attorney, $121,880.00

Loren Stomberg, administrator, $112,259.00

Mark Mather, sheriff, $108,820.00

Aaron Vanmoer, engineer, $100,529.00

Eric Moberg, auditor/treas., $93,213.00

Sherri Kitchenmaster, assessor, $90,000.00

Bradley Marks, jail admin., $81,770.00

Chad Magnussen, asst. engineer, $77,189.00

John Biren, P & Z admin, $76,412.00

Nicole Springstead, assist. county attorney II, $76,122.00

Todd Roelfsema, sergeant, $71,573.00

Eric Wallen, sergeant, $71,573.00

Roger Schroeder, environ admin., $70,320.00

Dean Berg, R & B superintendent, $68,210.00

Anthony Rolling, investigator, $64,168.00

Carolyn McDonald, human resources director, $64,106.00

Steven Louwagie, investigator, $63,045.00

Abby Wikelius, assist. co. attorney II, $62,855.00

Gene Rasmussen, landfill supervisor, $61,915.00

Mark Volz, GIS coordinator, $61,672.00

Marshall School District

Scott Monson, superintendent, $141,834.00

Brian Jones, HS principal, $120,144.00

Mary Kay Thomas, MS principal, $116,330.00

Bruce Lamprecht, director of business services, $103,700.00

Jeremy Williams, West Side principal, $99,401.00

Darci Love, Park Side principal, $98,366.00

Amanda Grinager, director of curriculum and instruction, $96,877.00

Janet Timmerman, teacher, $83,841.56

Marjorie Ostgaard, teacher, $82,848.24

Jeff Hansen, MS assist. principal, $82,759.00

Kelly Konietzko, teacher, $82,668.92

Michelle Noriega, MATEC assist. principal, $82,201.97

Jennifer Gregoire-Swedzinski, teacher, $80,973.05

Travis Frazee, HS assistant principal, $80,310.00

Cheri Buysse, teacher, $79,152.60

Kathy Orthaus, teacher, $78,183.92

Terese Jensen, teacher, $77,642.92

Carrie Sueker, teacher, $77,489.38

Penny Swope, teacher, $75,857.93

Bruce Remme, activities director, $75,229.00

Southwest Minnesota State University

Dr. Connie Gores, president, $254,870.00

Dwight Watson, provost, $191,000.00

Debra Kerkaert, vice president for finance & administration, $171,923.00

Jan Loft, dean of arts, letters, and science, $148,286.00

Raphael Onyeaghala, dean of business, graduate, & professional studies, $136,885.00

Scott Crowell, dean of students/associate vice president for student affairs, $132,220.00

Robert Forget, vice president for enrollment management and student success, $130,000.00

David Pichaske, English professor, $129,432.00

William Mulso, vice president for Advancement, $127,449.00

Daniel Baun, chief information officer, $120,123.00

Christopher Hmielewski, athletics director, $117,500.00

Stacy Ball-Elias, management professor, $112,285.00

Gerald Toland, economics professor, $112,285.00

Mark Goodenow, business management professor, $109,655.00

Shushuang Man, computer science professor, $107,089.00

William Pavot, psychology professor, $107,089.00

Matthew Walker, associate finance professor, $107,089.00

Glenn Bayerkohler, accounting professor, $104,583.00

Kourosh Mortezapour, computer science professor, $104,583.00

William Thomas, accounting professor, $104,583.00

City of Marshall

Glenn Olson, director-public works/city engineer, $113,484.80

Robert Yant, director of public safety, $107,411.20

Nicholas Johnson, city administrator, $102,315.20

Robert VanMoer, WWT facility superintendent, $90,708.80

Scott Vandermillen, director of community services, $88,878.40

Dean Coudron, public ways superintendent, $87,651.20

Scott VanMoer, liquor store manager, $84,385.60

Karla Drown, finance director, $80,558.40

Sheila Dubs, human resources coordinator, $79,643.20

Preston Stensrud, parks superintendent, $75,004.80

James Marshall, police sergeant, $75,004.80

Timothy Tomasek, police sergeant, $75,004.80

Jeff Wenker, police sergeant, $75,004.80

Jason Anderson, assistant city engineer, $71,718.40

Scott Truedson, WWT facility asst. superintendent, $71,073.60

Ilya Gutman, plans examiner, $71,073.60

Kim Jergenson, sr. engineering specialist, $71,073.60

Jason Buysse, police detective, $71,073.60

Jody Gladis, police detective, $71,073.60

Jason Kopitski, police corporal, $71,073.60

Joseph Krogman, police detective, $71,073.60

Marshall Lyon-County Library

(MLCL payroll is run through the city, but its employees are not technically city employees, as the library is a separate legal entity).

Michele Leininger, director, $84,926.40

Paula Nemes, adult services, $68,744.00

Luann Anderson, office manager, $58,364.80

Anna-Marie Pickering, librarian, $57,241.60

Mary Beth Sinclair, librarian, $57,241.60

Emilirose Rasmusson, librarian, $48,651.20


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