Avera opens Human Performance Center at 69th and Louise Campus in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS — The Avera Human Performance Center at the Avera on Louise Health Campus in Sioux Falls is now open.

A public open house was Jan. 19.

“This facility is a well-designed home for the great care and training expertise that athletes and patients have come to expect from Avera. With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment now on site at Avera on Louise, we’re able to better serve athletes of all ages and ability levels, and promote overall health and wellness throughout a lifetime,” said David Flicek, CEO and president of Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center.

“Like never before in Sioux Falls, the Human Performance Center and Avera Specialty Hospital on the Avera on Louise Health Campus bring together orthopedics, sports medicine and therapy in a seamless continuum of care,” Flicek said.

This $14 million, 60,000-square-foot center is home to orthopedic and urgent care, physical and occupational therapy, sports medicine and performance training, performance nutrition, mental performance consulting and other support programs.

A sports medicine clinic is on site with services that include injury and concussion management, non-operative treatment, biomechanical and orthopedic evaluations, X-ray, regenerative medicine, diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound guided injections.

The center will also be site for Avera Orthopedic Urgent Care on evenings and weekends, offering walk-in care, treatment and management of fractures, dislocations, ligament tears, sprains and strains. This clinic is open 5-9 p.m. weekday evenings and 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturdays. Orthopedic Urgent Care also offers walk-in care during regular clinic hours, weekdays from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., at the Avera Medical Group Family Health Center at 2100 S. Marion Road.

“Everyone wants to enjoy an active and full life. Movement and a pain-free range of motion are so important toward that end. That’s what the Avera Human Performance Center is all about,” said Jonathan Buchanan, MD, sports medicine specialist with Avera Orthopedics in Sioux Falls.

The Human Performance Center is not only for athletes.

“We offer Avera Therapy and programs for the athlete in all of us at this location,” Buchanan said. Avera Therapy for physical and occupational therapy needs is located at the center with a large dedicated gym and therapy pool space. Anyone is able to access care with no referral needed from a physician.

“People who walk through our doors will find a seamless connection between clinical medicine, rehabilitation, athletic performance, nutrition and mental performance consulting. We have a full range of professionals ready to put their expertise to work on behalf of athletes and patients — to help them perform at a higher level and move better,” Buchanan said.

Services include prevention, recovery after injury or surgery, return to function, conservative management for injury, balance therapy and pelvic health. The center accommodates up to 15 therapists who provide a wide range of physical therapy services and modalities. Specialized services include dry needling, blood flow restriction, manual therapy, balance and visual perception programming, pelvic health balance, concussion and visual perception programming and more. The center offers a unique aquatic therapy area with an underwater treadmill and aquatic therapy pool.

The center is the new home to Athletic Republic Acceleration and AR-FIT programs, through which Avera has 25 years of experience in training athletes at high school, collegiate and professional levels.

The nationally renowned, evidence-based Athletic Republic program is now complemented with updated and enhanced facilities, including a 700-square-foot biomechanics lab, where experts can provide sport-specific running analysis for athletes as well as gait analysis for older adults, oxygen consumption, lactate threshold testing, cycle time trial testing and more.

A full range of cardiovascular exercise equipment is on hand, plus a performance weight room with Olympic weights, super treadmills, indoor turf, plyometrics floor and sprint lanes. The center also focuses on the whole body with the addition of a cycling room, mind-body movement studio, performance nutrition and mental performance consulting.

Avera Human Performance Center is home to Kairos Elite Volleyball programming, offering seven regulation volleyball courts. These courts will accommodate the Kairos program that involves 3,500 participants from pre-K to age 18.

“This performance center is part of an entire continuum of care, from prevention, to intervention, to treatment and recovery, and then back to maintenance and prevention,” said Ann Heiman, assistant vice president for Orthopedics, Therapy and Sports at Avera McKennan. “All programs, clinics and therapy will be offered within an environment of respect, integrity, perseverance, inclusion, balance and enjoyment.”

Membership options are available that include Athletic Republic Acceleration, AR-FIT, endurance training programs, mind-body studio, full gym access, cycling center and access to the athletic training recovery room.


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