Good news, bad news

To the editor:

One likes to be positive. Here is some good news. We live in a region where we will not directly experience hurricanes.

Unfortunately, there is the bad news: our nation and the rest of the world are impacted by the growing forces of climate change. Good news: We live in a nation that could provide leadership to combat growing climate change. Bad news: Those who control the White House and Congress are actively working to undo any sensible move to slow climate change.

Actions speak louder than tweets. Our president and his party have unleashed unconscionable acts. Scott Pruitt, an oil/gas industry good ol’ boy now heads the EPA. Since his appointment, at least 25 environmental rules have been eliminated. These cuts are a direct response to calls from oil, coal and gas companies. There are likely more to come, such as the rescinding of the Clean Power Plan. As Pruitt pushes this forward, this repeal of carbon standards undermines public safety, science and the critical slowing of greenhouse gas production. Good news: Solar and wind are tremendous job creators and increasingly viable sources of clean renewable energy. Bad news: “Government giveaways in the form of permanent tax breaks to the fossil fuel industry – one of which is over a century old – are seven times larger than those to the renewable energy sector.” A full report is available from “Dirty Energy Dominance: Dependent on Denial” can be found at: -us-subsidies.

Draining the swamp in Washington sounded like a great promise, but the swamp keeps getting bigger thanks to the president and his corporate cronies. Meanwhile weather patterns become more intense as wind, water, fire, rain and drought events grow. For the sake of this this planet and future generations, please find your voice.

Darwin Dyce