Chamber offers worthwhile presentation

The Marshall Chamber of Commerce will be hosting an important presentation on the American Disabilities Act by David Fenley from the Minnesota State Council on Disability at noon Aug. 1.

The Chamber urges all area businesses to send at least one representative to this event at the Marshall-Lyon County Library. We also encourage businesses to take advantage of this presentation.

According to the chamber, ADA laws continue to change. While most businesses might believe they are complying with the law, the chamber warns there might be something that needs to be updated.

That’s one reason. However, there’s a more important reason. And it could cost your business thousands of dollars. It has to do with predatory lawsuits.

The chamber reports that 15 lawsuits have hit Marshall businesses in 2015 from the same group of individuals.

“You might have read that the attorney representing these people now has his license suspended due to some previous shenanigans in California,” the chamber release said. “Sadly, his wife, who is also an attorney, has picked up where he left off pressing lawsuits all over the state of Minnesota including one locally in the last two weeks. As many as three other attorneys are also doing the same thing in Minnesota.”

A Forbes Magazine report says there are a “relentless” group of personal injury lawyers who view the ADA not as a key access for those with disabilities, but a “tool to line their pockets at the expense of well-meaning small businesses.”

It’s unfortunate that a small number of so-called lawyers are taking advantage of a well-meaning law which was designed to protect those with disabilities. The good news is that some states are fighting back with legislation to help protect business. The Minnesota Legislature recently passed a law to ensure businesses get a notice prior to a lawsuit. However, federal law has not changed and most lawsuits are being pressed in federal court at this time.

The chamber advertises that Tuesday’s presentation will provide information on all the resources needed to avoid lawsuits.

This is a good opportunity to protect your business.