‘5 Tools to Break Through Negativity’ workshop Wednesday

MARSHALL — On average, 80 percent of a person’s thoughts are negative, resulting in an abundance of negative outcomes. So how can a person turn all that around?

Fay Prairie, a professional counselor and relationship coach, will explain how to do that in a dynamic and energetic presentation called “5 Tools to Break Through Negativity.”

“Your mindset drives 90 percent of all the results in your life,” Prairie said. “Same mindset, same results. The good news is that you can re-train your mindset.”

The 2017 Fall Workshop is being offered to the community and surrounding areas through Marshall Community Services.

“Fay is a wonderful speaker and presenter who will grab your attention and provide you with brilliant ideas, which will truly benefit you and the people around you,” said Doug Goodmund, assistant director at MCS. “She is very interactive, relevant and enthusiastic regarding today’s world and she will leave you wanting more.”

Prairie noted that it’s often easy for people to get consumed with frustrations, past regrets or worries about the future and that they might not even realize how powerful their mindset is.

“Negative thoughts attract negative, draining emotions into your life, such as anger, resentment and worry,” she said. “Positive thoughts attract positive, uplifting energy into your life, creating excitement, happiness and peace. Come learn ‘5 Tools to Break Through Negativity’ so you can stop the spin cycle and instead, create the outcome you desire in your life.”

As the owner of Prairie Perspectives, Prairie combines a degree in business and a master’s degree in counseling with 25 years of experience. She translates the latest fascinating research in positive psychology and mindfulness into practical, simple and powerful strategies. These strategies help individuals — both in their personal and professional lives — to lower stress and anxiety, increase focus and creativity and enhance teamwork and positivity.

“Several previous attendees of her past workshops have stated: ‘I could have spent the whole day listening to her,'” Goodmund said.

Prairie said she works with individuals and businesses, giving them the support and mindsets for engagement, productivity and success.

“Businesses are realizing the best way to help their bottom line is to improve the well-being of their employees,” she said. “Won’t you join them?”

Along with the positive mindset makeover presentation, Prairie has other topics she often presents to businesses, organizations and communities. “Strengthening Relationships” helps attendees evaluate the way they speak, listen and interact with others and helps them transform conflicts and complaints into win-win solutions.

“Research shows that 85 percent of your success and happiness is due to your social intelligence and only 15 percent to your intellectual intelligence,” Prairie said. “Improving your skills can help build successful relationships with clients, customers, employees and colleagues.”

“Mastering Mindset to Manage Stress” can help attendees gain control instead of being overwhelmed and burned out.

“Job stress costs American businesses over $300 billion a year,” Prairie said. “What is it costing you in sick days, turnover morale, conflicts and mistakes? Shift from worry and frustration to confidence and calm.”

The “Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm” workshop focuses on helping people improve their workplace attitude, hopefully allowing them to have more purpose, fulfillment and meaning in their work along with building teamwork skills.

“Research estimates that only 30 percent of employees feel inspired by their jobs,” Prairie said. “Mastering positive and growth-oriented mindsets are the greatest contribution to higher productivity and a positive work environment.”

The 2017 Fall Workshop “5 Tools to Break Through Negativity” is scheduled from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Adult Community Center in Marshall. Pre-registration is preferred, but MCS will also accept registrations at the door. To register, call MCS at: 507-537-6767. The cost is $20.

“You don’t want to miss this very special workshop, so sign up today,” Goodmund said.