Mother held on felony assault, child on life support

MANKATO, Minn. (AP) — A Mankato mother has been arrested and accused of causing injuries that left her young child on life support.
A complaint filed in Blue Earth County charges 27-year-old Chelsea Rae Olinger with felony assault, The Free Press reported.
Authorities said she brought her unresponsive 16-month-old child to the Mankato hospital Monday where surgery was done to relieve bleeding on the brain. The toddler was transferred to a Rochester hospital.
Court documents say the child has seven rib fractures, two broken vertebrae and a lacerated liver. Olinger told investigators the toddler fell down a flight of stairs.
Officials said she also told investigators she might have hit her child’s head on the side of a crib and that she put her hand over the child’s month in an attempt to get the toddler to stop crying.
She was arrested Thursday at the hospital. It’s not clear whether she has hired a defense attorney to comment on her behalf.