Wine vs. carpet

Dear Readers: I have gotten several letters asking how to get red wine stains out of light colored carpet. When you are having a gathering, a lively and good time with friends and family, this just seems to happen. And we know it’s not the end of the world! Here’s what to do:

Get to the stain quickly. The sooner you do, the better result you will have. Blot up all of the liquid you can. Then apply a mixture of 1 part mild liquid detergent to 20 parts water. Blot with a microfiber cloth until there’s no color left on the carpet. Last, finish with a mix of half white vinegar and half water for a final blot.

Vinegar is must-have in every home! It is so versatile; it can be used for cleaning, deodorizing and cooking. FYI: To freshen your toilet bowl, pour in full-strength vinegar. Leave in for five minutes, scrub and then flush. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: In a column, someone wrote in about dyer lint and to carefully clean lint buildup regularly. You said never to leave your dryer running when you are not at home. Let me mention some other very important dryer precautions.

Never run your dryer when you go to bed. Make sure that it has cooled off before going to bed. A fire could start if the dryer is hot, even if it is not running. You surely don’t want a fire while you are asleep. Also, make sure that the dryer is cooled off before leaving home. The same thing can happen. — Debbie in North Carolina

Debbie, thanks for this safety information. — Heloise


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