More senior discounts please

Today’s Sound Off is about discounts for seniors:

Dear Heloise: It’s nice that some companies offer discounts for seniors, but I wish more would consider doing this as well. Most seniors enjoy going out to dinner or lunch, but not enough of our local restaurants offer discounts, and even if they do, you have to ask for them. All businesses could increase their patronage if they offered a decent discount. Remember, we seniors live on very little and what we get in Social Security has to stretch a long way. –Michael in Texas

Dear Heloise: While I was wrapping a birthday gift, I realized I needed something inside the box to pad and protect the gift, so I took leftover gift wrapping paper and put it through our shredder. I had plenty of packing material and it looked colorful and attractive to the eye. — Frances in Massachusetts

Dear Heloise: I found that my garage door opener wouldn’t work even with new batteries installed. I looked for some sandpaper, but found we had none, so I used an emery board to sand the contact ends very carefully. Then the garage door opener worked just fine after that little bit of sanding. — Lois in Washington

Dear Heloise: I’ve discovered that when wrapping a gift, it’s always best to put the greeting card inside the box rather than taping it to the outside. This way, it won’t get lost or accidentally torn off. — Grace in Oklahoma


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