LQPV/DB runs away with boys Camden title

COTTONWOOD — The Lac qui Parle Valley/Dawson-Boyd boys track and field team ran away from the competition at the Camden Conference track and field championships on Thursday at Lakeview High School. LQPV/DB defeated the next-closest boys team by 26 points en route to claiming the championship while the Eagles’ girls team finished third.

On the boys side, the Eagles accumulated a team total of 122 points, well ahead of runner-up Central Minnesota Christian. MACCRAY/Renville County West took third with 91 points while Lakeview finished third with 71.

Also participating on the boys side, the hosting Lakeview Lakers placed fourth with 71 points, followed by TMB (57.5), Canby/Minneota (52), Ortonville, (46), Yellow Medicine East (19.5) and Community Christian rounded out the nine-team field with two points.

On the grils side, MACCRAY/RCW won the meet with 166.33 points while Canby/Minneota took second with 149.83 and LQPV/DB finished fourth with 73.

Also participating, CMC placed fourth with 69.5 points, Lakeview fifth with 45.33, and YME and TMB rounded out the field with 29 points for the Sting and 17 for the Panthers.

The Section 3A subsection meets will be held on Thursday at 3:30 p.m. The central subsection will compete at Redwood Valley, the South at Murray County Central and the North at Montevideo.


100m: 2-Aidan Swenhaugen (TMB), 11.40; 4-Johnny Duis (C/M), 11.60. 100m wheelchair: 1-Terrek Jenniges (LAKE), 24.30. 200m: 2-Aidan Swenhaugen (TMB), 23.00; 4-Brayson Boike (LQPV/DB), 23.50. 200m wheelchair: 1-Terrek Jenniges (LAKE), 52.80. 400m: 3-Gage Struchen (TMB), 53.30; 5-Tanner Kalas (LQPV/DB), 55.10. 800m: 1-Taden Clark (LQPV/DB), 2:04.40; 3-Zach Ourada (C/M), 2:05.80; 4-Tallen Merritt (C/M), 2:09.20. 1600m: 2-Gavin Carl (LQPV/DB), 4:45.50; 4-Cole Remiger (LAKE), 4:50.80; 5-Kendon Knutson (C/M), 5:14.10. 3200m: 2-Gavin Carl (LQPV/DB), 10:30.30; 4-Tate Remiger (LAKE), 11:29.90. 110m hurdles: 1-James Weber (LQPV/DB), 15.40; 2-Ethan Staab (LAKE), 16.90; 5-Chase Hatfield (LAKE), 18.40. 300m: 1-James Weber (LQPV/DB), 41.30; 2-Ethan Staab (LAKE), 42.20; 3-Cade Swenhaugen (TMB), 42.80; 4-Dwight Whitebuffal0 (YME), 44.00. 4x100m: 3-Lakeview (Tyden Marczak, Brian Sego, Selby Anderson, Kyle Kurowski), 46.70 4-TMB (Tyler Arnold, Braden Morgan, Emery Xiong, Hunter Ostgaard), 47.40; 5-LQPV/DB (David Torgerson, Mason Bothun, Noah Meyer, Tygan Allpress), 48.10. 4x200m: 2-C/M (Johnny Duis, Tallen Merritt, Blake Giese, Zach Ourada), 1:37.40; 3-YME (Jacob Ullrich, Moises Hidalgo, Kia Greycloud, Dwight Whitebuffalo), 1:38.10; 5-TMB (Cade Swenhaugen, Tyler Arnold, Gage Struchen, Aidan Swenhaugen), 1:39.50. 4x400m: 1-TMB (Cade Swenhaugen, Tyler Arnold, Braden Morgan, Gage Struchen), 3:35.80; 3-C/M (Tallen Merritt, Quintin McLain, Blake Giese, Zach Ourada), 3:37.70; 4-LQPV/DB (Gavin Carl, Taden Clark, Tanner Kalas, James Weber), 3:38.40. 4x800m: 1-LQPV/DB (Taden Clark, Joseph Felton, Tanner Kalas, Kade Solem), 9:07.80; 2-Lakeview (Cale Erickson, Ian Taylor, Thane Matthys, Tate Remiger), 9:18.80. Shot put: 2-Jackson Staab (LAKE), 46-5.5; 3-Cayden Anderson (C/M), 44-7; 5-Simon Gravley (LAKE), 42-4.5. Shot put wheelchair: 1-Lucas Taylor (LAKE), 28-5.5; 2-Broden Stensrud (LAKE), 17-5.5; 3-Terrek Jenniges (LAKE), 15-10. Discus: 2-Cayden Anderson (C/M), 133-2.5; 3-Jackson Staab (LAKE), 127-6; 5-Simon Gravley (LAKE), 119-0.5. Discus wheelchair: 1-Lucas Taylor (LAKE), 65-9.5; 2-Terrek Jenniges (LAKE), 40-9; 3-Broden Stensrud (LAKE), 40-2.5.High jump: 1-Brayson Boike (LQPV/DB), 6-6; 2-Aidan Swenhaugen (TMB), 6-2; 3-Eli Hegland (LQPV/DB), 6-0. Pole vault: 3-Blake Giese (C/M), 10-7; 4-Thane Matthys (LAKE), 10-1; 5-Christian Lembke (TMB), 9-1. Long jump: 1-Brayson Boike (LQPV/DB), 20-10; 2-Eli Hegland (LQPV/DB), 19-6; 3-Ethan Staab (LAKE), 19-5. Triple jump: 1-Brayson Boike (LQPV/DB), 44-4.5; 2-Brady Dahlager (YME), 41-7.5; 3-Eli Hegland (LQPV/DB), 40-11; 5-Eli Lightfoot (TMB), 37-0.


100m: 1-Brook Gunlogson (LAKE), 12.90; 5-Gabby Verhelst (C/M), 13.60. 200m: 1-Brook Gunlogson (LAKE), 26.60; 2-Natalie Stoks (C/M), 27.50; 4-Taylor Ourada (C/M), 28.30. 400m: 1-Claire Stoks (C/M), 1:00.60; 3-Anjali Pullan (YME), 1:02.60; 4-Addy Tufto (LQPV/DB), 1:03.80. 800m: 1-Braelyn Merritt (C/M), 2:20.80; 4-Rachel Jelen (C/M), 2:30.30; 5-Brook Gloege (LQPV/DB), 2:32.30. 1600m: 3-Mya Pesek (C/M), 5:34.60; 3-Chloe Gloege (LQPV/DB), 5:49.805; 5-Marin Knott (TMB), 5:55.00. 3200m: 2-Mya Pesek (C/M), 12:23.20; 3-Ava Danielson (C/M), 12:56.20; 4-Chloe Gloege (LQPV/DB), 13:06.30; 100m hurdles: 2-Ayiana Hastad (LQPV/DB), 17.90; 3-Teagan Viessman (TMB), 18.00; 4-Raelynn Schreier (TMB), 18.10; 5-Nohemi Diaz (C/M), 18.20. 300m hurdles: 2-Brook Gunlogson (LAKE), 49.20; 4-Nohemi Diaz (C/M), 52.20; 5-Ava Danielson (C/M), 52.40. 4x100m: 3-C/M (Gabby Verhelst, Jordyn Jostock, Kallie DeVos, Brynn Kockelman), 53.60; 4-Lakeview (Brynn Stensrud, Marisa Jacoby, Reagan Bossuyt, Grace Handeland), 54.10; 5-LQPV/DB (Ayiana Hastad, Atiana Specht, Sadie Hacker, Hannah Oie), 55.90. 4x200m: 1-C/M (Karlie Wollum, Taylor Ourada, Brynn Kockelman, Natalie Stoks), 1:49.20; 4-LQPV/DB (Sadie Hacker, Sadie Rosendahl, Morgan Hanson, Addy Tufto), 1:57.20; 5-Lakeview (Reagan Bossuyt, Grace Handeland, Marisa Jacoby, Jaela Schmidt), 1:57.50. 4x400m: 1-C/M (Brynn Kockelman, Taylor Ourada, Claire Stoks, Braelyn Merritt), 4:10.80; 3-LQPV/DB (Makiah Pust, Brynn Gloege, Taylor Wood, Addy Tufto), 4:12.90; 5-TMB (Marin Knott, Mallorie Hicks, Raelynn Schreier, Kyli Carter), 4:56.40. 4x800m: 1-C/M (Rachel Jelen, Lillie Wollum, Claire Stoks, Braelyn Merritt), 10:08.90; 3-LQPV/DB (Tahlia Hersom, Makiah Pust, Taylor Wood, Brynn Gloege), 10:49.50. Shot put: 1-Hayley Anderson (LQPV/DB), 34-6; 3-Cheyenne Milbrandt (C/M), 31-5.5. Discus: 1-Hayley Anderson (LQPV/DB), 100-4; 4-Cheyenne Milbrandt (C/M), 93-0; 5-Jaselen Jimenez (YME), 89-0. High jump: 1-Ayiana Hastad (LQPV/DB), 5-1; 2-Karlie Wollum (C/M), 4-9; 4-Rachel Jelen (C/M), 4-9; 5-Sadie Rosendahl (LQPV/DB), 4-7. Pole Vault: 1-Marisa Jacoby (LAKE), 9-1; 2-Klaira Shackelford (YME), 8-1; 4-Arabella Howell (YME), 7-7. Long jump: 1-Karlie Wollum (C/M), 16-9; 2-Nicole Rillo (YME), 16-6.5; 4-Natalie Stoks (C/M), 15-7.5. Triple jump: 3-Karlie Wollum (C/M), 34-0; 4-Brynn Kockelman (C/M), 33-9.5.


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