Grass is out, Turf is in: The New Schwan Regional Event Center

MARSHALL- In just 13 days, the Schwan Regional Event Center will be in use to welcome back Mustang students and fans as they will host a soccer exhibition on the 18th against the College of Saint Mary ( Neb.). The grass is long gone and now their is new turf installed at the Center, that process started back in late May. Tony Nubile, SMSU Director of Facilities elaborated in-depth on the process of getting the turf onto the field. “We got started in late May after Memorial day, we started pulling out the grass and took three days to fully removed it,” Nubile said. “The landscapers came in and started to do work on the field from pouring concrete, pulling out the bases and also replacing the goal posts all within two weeks. We project that the field work will be completed by August 12th in time for the home exhibition game for the 18th.” Nubile added that they will be providing netting for the scoreboard because their were a lot of balls flying in the air towards the scoreboard, which wasn’t aesthetically pleasing to the fans and said that it costs $700,000 for this project to be done.The Schwan Regional Event Center opened first in 2008 and the decision to change from grass to turf was inevitable because of the wear and tear from all of the events that has happened on the field throughout the years. The Center field is used between the Marshall High School soccer and football regular season games, sectional playoffs games, SMSU soccer and football games as well.The process was a long one, as the final decision took months and multiple proposals to come to an agreement. Nubile is the one that helped with the layout of the field and spoke on the expectancy of the current turf installed.“The turf has about a 10-year life expectancy,” Nubile said. “We are hoping for more but roughly about ten years.”Nubile also said that when it comes time to replace this version of the turf, that they will stay with turf due to the weather in Southwest Minnesota. However, there is a slight chance that the field won’t be ready in time due to a impact test. The Impact test is allocated annually to ensure that the field is at the correct level to play for safety and compact measures for the players. Nubile stated if by chance that does happen, the exhibition game on the 18th will be relocated to the track field to play the game.


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