HORSESHOES: Southwest Minnesota Horseshoe League results: Weeks 1 and 2

MARSHALL – The Southwest Minnesota Horseshoe League competed in their first two weeks of the season.

Week 1

Bye – 1st Independent Bank Balaton

State Farm Insurance Canby defeated Smidt’s Little DQ by points 9-8. State Farm was led by Curt Olsen who went 2-2 with 28 ringers. Smidt’s DQ was led by Dan Stassen who went 3-1 with 84 ringers.

Kronberg Inn defeated Food Pride Tracy 12-5. Kronberg was led by Steve Meyer who went 4-0 with 34 ringers. Food Pride was led by Ken Witte who went 2-0 with 22 ringers.

Week 2

Bye – Smidt’s Little DQ

First Independent Bank Balaton defeated Tracy Food Pride by points 9-8. Lowell Wichman led FIB going 4-0 with 52 Ringers. Tracy Food Pride was led by Howie Greenman who went 2-0 with 42 ringers.

State Farm Insurance Canby defeated Kronberg Inn 14-3. Kaye and Gene Eilers both went 4-0 for State Farm with 52 ringers for Kaye, and 42 for Gene. Kronberg Inn had 3 individuals get 1 win, Jason Buchert, Jordyn Buchert, and Dale Weime with Jason leading the team in ringers with 39.


1. State Farm Insurance Canby 23-11

2. 1st Independent Bank Balaton 9-8

3. Smidt’s Little DQ 8-9

4. Kronberg Inn 15-19

5. Tracy Food Pride 13-21

Week 3

Today at 7 p.m.

Bye – State Farm Insurance Canby

1st Independent Bank Balaton at Kronberg Inn in Tyler

Smidt’s Little DQ at Food Pride in Tracy

Rain outs to be made up Thursday.

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