In case you were wondering: Stay Classy Minneota

MINNEAPOLIS -?The Minneota Vikings had plenty of game plans in place for the big game against the Minneapolis North Polars on Saturday, but there are just some things you can’t plan for.Their biggest game plan was keeping North’s quarterback Tyler Johnson in check. Johnson, a Minnesota Gophers commit for next year, is a dual threat; he can throw the ball and run with the best of them. Minneota felt that if they could keep his productivity to a minimum, they had a really good chance of winning the game.

“He’s just an impressive athlete,” said Minneota head coach Chad Johnston. “He’s that double-edged sword that we talked about, being able to do it with his arm and his legs. We did a nice job today in not letting his arm hurt us, but when he gets those legs going he is very impressive.”

Johnson was able to still have a big game, but made some costly errors that helped the Vikings get the victory. He finished with 295 yards from scrimmage, with one touchdown pass and two touchdown runs. However, two interceptions and a fumble on a punt return will hurt no matter how well you do. Johnson felt like Minneota deserved credit for his mistakes.

“There defense didn’t give up on the play at all,” said Johnson. “There were some plays where I would step up in the pocket and I’d think that I have a clear path and one of their players would come from behind. They were already out of the play, but they never gave up.”

While the Vikings were able to keep Johnson in check (for the most part), emotions of a big game like this always run high. Sometimes, they can get away from you.

Towards the end of the game, Minneapolis North had two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. They should of had three, as Vikings’ running back Isaac Hennen was poked in the eye after a play. It didn’t matter to Hennen or to Minneota, who played on without any retaliation.

Some things you just cannot teach. If you are able to not get carried away in the emotions of it all and keep playing, it shows good character. Minneota may have won the game on the scoreboard, but they were able to win in a category that is just as important- sportsmanship.

With all of the things that you do prepare for, there are always things that you can’t predict. It is how you react to those situations that shows what kind of person you are. The men on the Minneota football team showed not only that they can play some darn good football, but they can be classy as well. The town of Minneota should not only be proud of their boys for bringing home a championship trophy, but for also representing their home in a way that nobody around here will ever forget.


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