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The social news or gossip columns in the old newspapers are always fascinating to read. A special section in the newspaper was devoted to the social media of the day. The whereabouts of local people and events were often featured in these columns. Here are a few from The News Messenger of Lyon County on December 19, 1919:

C.R. Hess was a business visitor at Cottonwood the first of the week, attending to his branch studio at that place.

Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Hoff who recently purchased the August Mellenthin home on Fourth Street, returned Wednesday from Onawa, Iowa, where they had been called by the fatal illness of Mrs. Hoff’s mother, Mrs. J. Boerner. Mrs. Boerner’s death occurred December 9th, at the age of 84 years.

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Many people are feasting on venison these days. The two large moose killed by Walter Francois and Ernest Shepard were cut up and passed around this week. Bob Neill gave a venison party last week. Senator Hall is feeding the Shriners tonight with a big buck deer. Other hunters who brought in deer were Bert Kelson, John Peterson, Hubert Deutz and the Tegel boys each bagged one. In addition to plenty of venison, Jorgenson Bros. have butchered a prime buffalo for holiday consumption. Bob Musch and Roy Castle each bagged a raccoon apiece and tell us the eating is fine. This item sounds rather gamey, and while we are at it, we might mention again that a large wolf was killed last week near Russell, just south of here by R.L. Gabbert.

A letter received last week by Mrs. Gary from Adjutant Smith, who is superintendent of the Salvation Army Rescue Home at St. Paul, saying that the one hundred thirty quarts of fruit and vegetables given by the ladies of Marshall had arrived, not one broken, and were already stored in the cupboard. Adjutant Smith and her assistants, Capt. McAbee and Lieut. McLeod made many friends in Marshall, both for themselves and for the work in which they are engaged.

Dr. and Mrs. Ijams returned Monday morning after a week’s visit with friends in the cities. While there they were joined by Mrs. Ijam’s sister, Mrs. Nannie Fehl of Mandak, Montana, who came home with them and will remain for a few days visit.

Mrs. Herman Weidauer gave a parcel shower Tuesday evening in honor of her cousin, Miss Bertha Weidauer, whose marriage to Edwin A. Drury occurs Christmas Day.

The photograph featured in this week’s column shows an image of a ledger book that is in the Lyon County Museum’s collection. The Record of Income Tax Returns ledger book was given out to customers by the Lyon County National Bank in Marshall. The book belonged to Edwin A. Drury. He used the book from 1920-1921 to record income and expenses. The notes include the dates, items, and price. The first item listed for the paid out was on January 3, 1920 and it was for 1 tooth extracted. The cost was $1.00.

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