On the Porch

The social news or gossip columns in the old newspapers are always fascinating to read. A special section in the newspaper was devoted to the social media of the day. The whereabouts of local people and events were often featured in these columns. Here are a few from the Marshall News-Messenger on Sept. 6, 1907:

The Masonic lodge will renew work next Wednesday evening, when it is especially desired that a large attendance of members be present, as the session will be of unusual interest. The Acting Master Caley proposes to make an energetic campaign of Masonic work this fall and winter, and desires the assistance of every member.

Mr. William Russell of Moorhead, Minnesota, visited in Marshall over Sunday, returning on Monday with Mrs. Russell, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reese Davis.

The Minneota Mascot is authority for the important assertion, made by O.C. Gregg that the only salvation for this locality, if it is to continue raising wheat, is to get a winter wheat variety that will grow here. Mr. Gregg thinks that this can be done and that winter wheat will be found which will give general satisfaction. Mr. Gregg is an enthusiastic farmer. He believes that the farm is the best place for young and old and he has little sympathy with those who retire from farming in middle life. He wants the farmers to cooperate to the end that the best in village life can be brought into farm life.

The management of the Chicago & Northwestern railroad is experimenting with a German speedometer and expects to adopt it for general use on all passenger trains. Unlike the speedometer now in use on the Burlington, the German invention is placed, instead of on the locomotive, in one of the cars composing the train. The machine not only records the speed which the train makes, but also records all stops and their duration.

Next week Thursday the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist church, will meet with Mrs. Frank Simmons at three o’clock. Later at five o’clock the ladies will serve ice cream.

The photograph featured this week is O.C. Gregg, who farmed near Lynd. He was also superintendent of the Minnesota Farmers’ Institute and Lyon County Auditor. The Lyon County Historical Society is a non-profit, member-supported organization. For more information on membership, research, volunteering, or the museum’s collection, please contact us at 537-6580 or director@lyoncomuseum.org. Like our page and follow us on Facebook.