Older adults have an enormous impact

Every May I take time to reflect on those I serve … the absolute most amazing of those 55 and best! Older adults are important members of our community. They are our parents, our grandparents and those who have worked hard to shape the community that we live, work and play in.

I see older adults as an enormous impact in our communities. Because they have much to teach and share; helpful in our applying life lessons with a gracious heart; provide a great deal of gratitude and joy to those around them; they have so much to give us intangibly; they have learned the lesson of humility; they are fun companions when we learn how to be in their presence — teaching us the value of visiting and connectiveness; they know things we can’t imagine unless we ask; they have a crazy sense of contagious humor; know when to be still and listen and they offer us respect as they are often in awe of us.

So why this listing? For each resident of Marshall and the surrounding communities to stop and consider the value each older adult brings to our community. To perhaps bring to question — do we see older adults in our community through the lens of “ageism” as often portrayed in many ads and news reports? What if we each reached out and made an effort to truly connect and get to know an older adult?

As you look at the list, there are life lessons that only years of living can bring to completion and make ready for sharing. I think of it this way – all people deserve respect — but if we don’t first give respect then who are we to demand it? In reality — we are all aging — getting older — let’s embrace the adventure and enjoy the journey! Make a positive impact today — reach out — get to know an older adult!