On the Porch

The Star Vaudeville House, which was located on West Main Street in Marshall (where Palmer’s Tattoo Parlor is today) opened its doors in October of 1907. It was the first theater in Marshall with a film projector to show motion pictures. The theater later became the Standard Theater in 1909 and then lastly called the Lyric Theater. By 1915, the Lyric, the Marshall Opera House (Chittenden’s Hall), and the Barrymore Theater were showing audiences silent films. The photograph features the Lyric Theater next to R.M. Addison & Son Hardware on the corner.

The July 30, 1915, edition of the Marshall News-Messenger included many business profiles, including one for the Lyric Theater. The following is from the newspaper article:

“Archibald J. DuClos, the proprietor of this up to date little theater is one of Marshall’s youngest businessmen for he has been in charge of this establishment for but two weeks. At that time, he bought out Mrs. John Alton, who for two years had been running the Lyric Theater on Main Street. This moving picture house is open seven nights in the week. It shows the best of Pathe’s Service, the prices being 5 and 10 cents. Once a week, Mr. DuClos plans to put on specialties and from now on every Sunday night he will show Charlie Chaplin. Other popular actors with this house are Henry King and George Davenport, well known to all moving picture enthusiasts.

“The Lyric Theater will seat 225 people comfortably and runs a continuous show with an extra pianist to handle the music end. The present proprietor expects to put in a five piece orchestra once a week to entertain his patrons. The house will soon be renovated from cellar to garret, the front being entirely remodeled and the state rearranged. The Lyric Theater will soon put on the New Exploits of Elaine, another well-known Pathe film. Mr. DuClos was fortunate in booking the Universal moving picture of the recent Chicago Disaster, which will appear at this house the coming Saturday night.”

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