The power of flowers and moms

At a time in our history, there was a period called the age of flower power.

It was a time of peaceful protest during the Vietnam War, and the flower represented peace and power for many people. It was a time that needed the power of peaceful flowers, and today, flowers still present themselves as beauty and bits of peace in a hectic world.

Don’t you just love to walk into a site and smell flowers? At a local hotel, one can enter and be immediately introduced to the scents of flowers. The flower shop located in the hotel is so inviting, and, upon entering the building, I cannot help but smile as I smell and see their floral offerings.

Have you ever attended some type of celebration and noted the flowers decorating the place? Many times, these flowers are there to pair with the party or the preferences of the people involved in arranging the event. Have you stopped to smell them? Yes, we see them, but usually, the atmosphere doesn’t allow us to stop and smell the roses.

And of course, there’s usually wine at the celebration, right? Have you ever thought about why a certain wine was chosen for the occasion? Yes, there is the traditional vino served with certain events, but there are times when, believe it or not, the flowers are paired to the wine.

So, the question begs to be asked. What flowers go with what wines? Gee, I’m glad you asked that question! Here are some thoughts…

The paring of wine and flowers is to enhance one’s experience, and should create a sense of harmony within the moment. I tasted a glass of B&G Vouvray Chenin Blanc which is an old friend of mine. I’ve always liked the floral scent and taste of the wine. Imagine a glass of the very light yellow wine sitting beside a vase of roses! The contrast in colors and the matching scents are fantastic to me. The flowers always take me back to my mom.

I can’t resist a good Riesling. Have your ever tasted this wine while some lavender is there with you? Wow! The sweet taste of the wine complements the calming effects of the flower — may there be peace in our world.

Let’s say you love a Moscato. Now is the time to get outside and have a glass within sight of a blossoming cherry or crabapple tree. The lovely short lived blossoms complement the delicate sweet taste of the wine. Sit with your mom and raise a glass to her — either in person or inabstentia.

Don’t you just enjoy seeing a bottle of Rosé wine? The next time you raise a glass to your mom try some Josh Rosé. I believe you’ll like the overall citrusy flavor of the liquid, and the bit of fizziness. However, do not forget to pair this wine with a vase of gerbera daisies! Such overall sweetness can’t be beat.

If you’re seeking a nice red wine and flower pairing, try a pinot noir and red roses. Can’t you already see the red flower sitting beside that glass of red pinot noir? Such beauty! As you pour some of your Line 39 Pinot Noir, smell the roses. Then, smell the wine, go back to the flower, then back to the wine … well, you get the idea. Such a pleasant pairing — one can’t help but sigh in relief.

Whatever wine you’re tasting this coming weekend, always raise a glass to mom! Why?

We honor our moms for many reasons, and they are usually quite personal. But…

Moms are a portion of our life’s blood. Like a pleasing drink, they can give us much pleasure and that thing called love. We must never take that portion of our lives for granted. Of course, there are going to be those….ah, delicate moments when we don’t agree with her. But in the long run, she’s our mom. That’s special!

Like a good wine, moms give us a sense of belonging. No matter how difficult a moment might be, we are family. That doesn’t mean that family should always be bowed down to. But what I’ve learned is that family is always there for you, and that presence begins with our moms.

Look at yourself. How much of your mom do you see staring back at you from the mirror. We are all parts of our moms, and like a good wine, those parts stay with us.

Yes, we are heading into Mother’s Day weekend. Allow me to give you some guidance here at this moment.

Buy a bottle of champagne, and, in her presence, pop the cork. That’s always a fun moment! Then, pour it into a nice wine glass. Enjoy the sparkling fizzy nature of the wine. Raise the glass to your mom (or the mother of your children) and salute her. However, do not forget to bring the power of peonies to the table. I think you’ll find much to be talking about as you drink the wine and tell stories about the flower.

Flowers, wine and moms go together. They are all powerful!


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