Dedicate this session to correcting bills passed last year

The 2024 legislative session kicked off this week, and it is an honor and a privilege to be back at the Capitol serving the residents of Senate District 15.

Last year, members in the majority passed nearly $10 billion in tax hikes, in addition to spending the entire $19 billion surplus. Democrats also grew state government by an unsustainable and unprecedented 40%, and we saw the passage of a divisive agenda that leaves many Minnesotans behind. As a result, our state is now feeling the negative impact of one-party control, and it is time to repair what has been broken.

That is why I believe this session must be dedicated to corrections and cleanup on many bills passed by the majority last year. This includes putting the needs of students first by repairing the harm done to schools through the many unfunded mandates. We must also ensure our students feel safe at school by addressing the changes made to our school resource officer laws. There is also an error in last year’s tax bill that must be fixed or else it could cost taxpayers $352 million over the next two years.

Additionally, this session is a bonding year, meaning an important item on our agenda is to pass funding for public infrastructure project requests across the state. Last session, we passed $2.5 billion worth of bonding projects, and many of which are still getting underway. Therefore, I believe this year’s bonding bill should be more modest and dedicated to the core needs of our communities, such as ensuring clean water and improving our roads and bridges.

But instead of focusing on these critical issues, I have heard from some members across the aisle that they have much different priorities. One of which is making Minnesota a “sanctuary state.” I strongly oppose any attempts to make Minnesota a sanctuary state from federal immigration laws. The North STAR Act would prohibit state and local officials from cooperating with federal immigration authorities who are seeking to deport those in Minnesota illegally. Border security is a critical issue facing our nation, and we don’t need to bring these problems here to Minnesota.

As the session progresses, I will continue to share updates on the sanctuary state issue as well as other key topics that are being discussed at the Capitol. I always welcome constituent comments and questions and can be reached by telephone at (651) 296-8138, by mail at 2219 Minnesota Senate Building, St. Paul, MN 55155, or by e-mail at sen.gary.dahms@mnsenate.gov

— Gary Dahms represents District 15 in the Minnesota Legislature


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