Would you do me a favor?

Sometime today, and, when you’re able to relax, think about where you love to walk.

Please sit down, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and see that favorite walk. Where is it? Why do you love it so much? What do you feel, see and hear while walking on that path? Do you like to walk alone or with someone? Take another sip of that enjoyable liquid and ponder for awhile.

Each of us has a walk we enjoy and for many reasons. These reasons are personal, and it’s up to you whether or not you share that meander. What is it about your loved walk that brings it to mind?

As I poured a glass of Ǝvolúció Blaufränkisch, I had just returned from a long walk along a river. The water was quiet and reflected the marvelous blue sky above us. It was quiet with a gentle breeze and it was so peaceful. In the midst of a hectic day, the walk was spurring my memory of other such walks and brought me some quietude.

The wine is a spectacular wine from Austria, and it features a full body of softness and delicious dark cherries. The peace it gave me reflected my walk and stirred me to ask the above question.

Where do you love to walk?

Growing up on the farm, I loved to walk to the pasture hill. To do that, we had to walk through our pasture which was filled with grass and all sorts of good and bad weeds. However, the walk was worth it as I sat on the hill and viewed the area. Back in those days, there was no wine in our family so I settled for a shot of water. But, that walk always stays with me.

There is a farmer’s market that sets up on the weekends near us, and I have discovered that it’s comforting for me to wander through it. I like the idea of locally grown produce and products. I struck up a conversation with a coffee vendor who gets fresh coffee beans from Guatemala. I asked him from where in that country he receives his beans, and was told it was from San Lucas Toliman.

My mouth dropped open. I told him a youth group I accompanied had gone to that rural town and helped develop a local park. However, I did have one major disappointment while there. That disappointment was that the local coffee beans were about a week away from being harvested. Timing is everything, folks! Anyway, the vendor and I talked a bit and I bought some beans from him. I continued my walk through the market and listened to the young children talking to the vendors, the laughter and the sounds of levity. It suddenly hit me that I like walking through that market because of those reasons.

I had to have a bit of vino to salute that market experience and I tipped a bottle of Tavernello Vino Rosso — a tasty and reasonably priced Italian wine. It reminded me of having a glass of such a wine on the street in Rome and the walk we took along those streets to The Colosseum. Some would call the wine a nice table wine, and I’ll take that. It’s pleasing with its floral aroma and dark fruity flavors.

One of my favorite places to walk is through a vineyard. The first time I experienced such a stroll was a number of years ago and I will never forget it. The vineyard was in a river valley and looked out over the river to the opposing bluffs. It was quiet, and, excuse me here, but I felt like I was on sacred ground .

Since that day, I’ve sauntered through quite a number of vineyards, and I always treat them with respect. I respect the owner of the site, the history of the vine and the richness of the earth.

So, with that, I’ll have a glass of Tavernello Vino Bianco. Yes, the same brand mentioned earlier, but a nice refreshing white with crisp sweetness and mild minerality. Those Italians know how to make wine. Maybe one day I’ll have the honor to stroll through an Italian vineyard. There’s always hope!

OK, now you can put down your wine glass and get on with other things, if you wish. But, I warn you — when you begin to pay attention to your walks, they become very special to you.

And, you’ll never know who you’ll meet! Like a man who brought me a bag of Guatemalan coffee beans!

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh with reckless abandon!



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