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The social news or gossip columns in the old newspapers are always fascinating to read. A special section in the newspaper was devoted to the social media of the day. The whereabouts of local people and events were often featured in these columns. Here are a few from The News Messenger of Lyon County on August 20, 1915:

Miss Artys Schroeder went to Elnore, Tuesday, where she will visit Carleton College friends. Then, after spending a week at Emmetsburgh, Ia.; she will go to Spring Valley, where she will teach this winter.

Kiner’s Orchestra will give a dance a Dudley on Wednesday evening, August 25th.

Frank Kline, who played first base here last year and made a host of friends, has been sold to the Chicago Cubs of the National League according to the sporting sheet of one of the city daily news papers. At present he is playing with Winnipeg of the Northern League, but will go to Chicago at the end of the Northern League season.

Mr. B. Vosberg went to Geneva, N.Y., Wednesday, by way of Minneapolis where he will spend four or five days before completing the trip. He is going there to attend the Forty-fifth Annual Reunion of the Fifteenth New York Engineers. Mr. Vosberg was an engineer in the Civil War and helped plan and build eight of the forts before Petersburgh.

Miss Clara Boudreau returned from Chicago Friday where she spent a few weeks in the Fisk Wholesale Millinery House, becoming familiar with the fall styles and buying for the Boudreau Sisters firm. She attended the Fashion Show at Midway Garden.

P.C. Hasten and A. Thompson did a particularly difficult and unusual piece of work for C.E. Marsh on East Main street last Thursday and Friday. The work consisted of building an extension onto a chimney, the unusual part being that the extension was run from the basement of Mr. Marsh’s house up to a chimney located in the room above. False supports were placed under the chimney, the base torn out and the two parts joined together.

In spite of the cold season, there is some tall corn in Marshall. The largest reported to us is a field of sweet corn near the Great Northern depot. The ears are six feet from the ground. Mrs. Mary Juba is the owner.

The photograph featured this week from the Lyon County Museum’s collection is the Great Northern depot in Marshall. This depot near W. Main St. and N. 7th St. is still standing and is used by the BNSF Railway.

The Lyon County Historical Society (LCHS) is a non-profit, member-supported organization. LCHS operates the Lyon County Museum at 301 W Lyon St in Marshall. The Lyon County Museum is open to visitors. To contact us, visit our website: www.lyoncomuseum.org, call: 507-537-6580, email: director@lyoncomuseum.org, or on our Facebook page.


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