Sometimes we overthink things

I suppose we are all guilty of it, and so with that lead, I’ll continue with this idea.

When was the last time you were discussing a matter with a group and the discussion went on and on and on…? In my experience, the subject could be decided very quickly if we only looked at what we are trying to achieve.

Before I go further, I’ll have a glass of Hahn Chardonnay to help focus me. Quite sometime ago, I was introduced to this wine and I’ve learned to not think too much and just enjoy its tastes of pineapple and some vanilla. So pleasing and it never allows you to overthink it — just enjoy it!

Now to the business at hand…

I am a member of a social awareness group that is trying to raise awareness of ethnic and racial inequities in the area. We agreed on a name for the group that reflects the agrarian nature of the area and that encompasses the need to listen to everyone in a civil manner. Then, it happened…

A couple members of the group are too, well, overly hyped with themselves and they were so worried the proposed logo was representing majority voices and not sensitive to other voices, that the color needed to be this and that, that the picture had to be such and such a size, and on and on and on.

After over 30 minutes of this stewing conversation, I reached the breaking point.

As quietly as I could, I pointed out that the logo was to represent our area and the growing nature of the area. That we wanted it easily recognized and understood. Therefore, what if, the logo showed a growing flower — reflecting the agricultural underpinning of the area — and the flower was multiple colored to reflect everyone?

That statement took about 30 seconds to say and was met with silence. Suddenly, heads began to go up and down in agreement and the subject was settled. Not much thinking and matter solved so we could go on to others subjects that needed discussion.

It’s time for a glass of Terrane Sauvignon — a crisp semi-dry white wine from France. In other areas of the world, this is called a Sauvignon Blanc but the French have first call on the naming and with such a pleasing beverage, let’s not overthink it but just enjoy the light melon taste. I let it talk to me in its brief time in my mouth — taste, enjoy and move on.

In full transparency, in no way am I trying to say I have THE answer to a question before a group. But, there are times when talking should be replaced with quiet thinking, then short sentences that usually end in some type of agreement. I learned that from my parents — bless them for their wisdom!

Along that same line of thought, I’ve met people who talk and talk about the wine they like and just can’t seem to simply pour, see, sip and enjoy it. I truly believe wine is meant to just become part of us and its not meant to take over the conversation. If a wine you’re consuming is dominating your thoughts and food tastes, I would suggest taking a couple of moments to think about what the wine is doing to you. Is it “overthinking” you?

Many of the sommeliers I’ve read and talked with are very careful in their suggestions. They have learned to not overthink a wine but rather, to let the wine do the talking and focus how the beverage is melding with you.

A very pleasing wine came across my palate a few days ago. Ménage à Trois Exotic Blend — a wonderfully tasting blend featuring Chardonnay, Moscato and Chenin Blanc. Lots of tropical tastes with a surprising crisp dry finish. Maybe that’s the perfect wine to bring any long conversation to an end.

As with any wine, you honor it by being respectful to its makers and the production of it. Similarly, you always honor everyone in your conversation — even though it can bug the heck out of you!


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