Reviewing CTE at Marshall schools

If you look up Career and Technical Education, or “CTE” you’ll find a definition that explains it as programming that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational skills training, offering students a pathway to postsecondary education and employment.

Marshall Public Schools offers a number of classes at the High School, including FACS, Ag, Art, and Business classes that explore career and college readiness that are not only very popular classes with our students, but offer many benefits for them as well.

At the MATEC site, we also offer courses in both welding and CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). We partner with Minnesota West on these programs, and our students are able to take classes during the school day that lead to certification for employment in these fields.

We also work with Adult Basic Education and have adults and other community members come to our site to take these classes.

As we review our current CTE programs and see the value they add as we prepare students for either college or the workplace, we recognize that this type of education can really help prepare them for the future. CTE can provide skills and experiences that really build our students for success through hand-on training and course work.

We’re excited about a current District goal where we are reviewing the CTE programming we have in place and looking at ways we could potentially expand our programming in both the scope and variety of classes we offer.

Right now, we’re looking at adding automotive repair and mechanics classes, construction/trades classes, and expanding courses in the medical field.

We want to pair student interests with community employment needs and find a balance of high-level programming that draws our students in while preparing them for future success.

During the upcoming school year, our strategic plan goals will bring us to evaluate our preparatory programs at the middle school level as well, with a focus of identifying courses, programs, and conversations that help prepare all our students for college or career readiness!

A big piece of our programming that we are looking to expand is with business partnerships. We know that the best way to prepare students for careers is to have a direct link to people in those careers. This link could come through things like classroom guest speakers, job shadowing, career internships, mentor partnerships, or even placing students in part-time employment with a school mentor as support.

We’re very excited to be partnering with the Private Industry Council to have a Work/Learn Coordinator working to help make these business partnerships and connections starting this year!

We can’t wait to see these programs continue to grow and help “prepare all learners for success!”

— Jeremy Williams is Marshall Public Schools District superintendent


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