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The photograph this week features a bowl that is in museum’s collection. This early 20th Century bowl from Blanchette’s store in Marshall was a premium that was given to customers who traded in that store. Giving premiums or promotional items as they are also called, was a common practice for retailers to give to their customers to thank them for their business and as a way for the owners to market their business. This practice still continues today as most businesses give some kind of promotional item to their customers as a freebie or for purchasing something at the business.

In the July 30, 1915, edition of the Marshall News Messenger, there is a section on businesses in the community. Blanchette’s store is mentioned is this article and is titled, “Homer Blanchette, Exclusive Grocery”. Below is an excerpt on the Blanchette store:

“A large and neatly arranged store is that of Homer Blanchette’s Grocery on the south side of Main Street. It is well stocked with an abundance of articles which enter into the food line and are in daily demand by families of Marshall. The Famous Elmvale Food products are handled here, besides a complete line of groceries, a fresh line of fruit is always kept on hand, and also the best cereals on the market fill the shelves.

This is truly a modern and up-to-date grocery, for they carry everything in the grocery line. Large refrigerators keep all the foods which are likely to spoil with heat in the most sanitary condition. In fact a special effort is made to keep everything the very best.

Mr. Blanchette has his own delivery system and will deliver groceries to any part of the city promptly. Use the telephone. Since Mr. Blanchette bought out Mr. G.H. Kiel a year and a half ago his trade has steadily increased and now he has all he can handle. He has built up his trade through fair dealings and courteous treatment. It is a pleasure for customers to call again at his store after once having traded there.”

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